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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Zakharov in “the leopard” was recognized as the personification of Manhattan

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told about a funny incident that happened to her this morning in Central new York. The American years has accepted a Russian diplomat for “his”, in fact, for the indigenous inhabitant of the pretentious and trendy Manhattan. And praised shoes.

Photo: facebook.com/maria.zakharova

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, in new York, something very important can happen while you wait for a free table.

“Waiting for a colleague walked across the lobby of the new York hotel. Enjoy the morning moments of tranquility. The world is complex and beautiful at the same time, when behind 8 hours of sleep in spite of time zones, and ahead of a meeting of the security Council on the issue of weapons of mass destruction”, – Zakharov romantic begins his story.

At some point he walks up to her “high American advancing years, well-groomed, with a smile and at the same time , which is rare, kind eyes.” And says nice to meet someone you have long wanted to see – its present inhabitant of Manhattan.

“It looks like the person who represents the Manhattan! I found You – quotes Zakharova his new friend. – These shoes… They are beautiful”.

Your post on the social network, the diplomat is supplied with a photo of his current look, he’s gorgeous: Croco bag, leopard print coat and cool blue shoes. However, Zakharova had to disappoint the interviewee, as in this moment from the Elevator came a colleague and was time to leave.

“I hate to ruin your dream, but I am Russian (I’m sorry to crush Your dreams, but I’m Russian), I swear, I softened the tone of the inevitable collapse”, – says the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

According to her, surprised at the question American woman, how could she be so wrong, the Russian diplomat said he just loves new York, and the city reciprocates.

“I’m afraid my stranger now to think that we not only trump’s “chosen”, but everything is much worse – we have them,” – concluded Zakharov.


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