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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The hole of public service: an Orthodox example of the mayor of Yaroslavl

There is no such Church tradition — swimming in the ice-hole on Epiphany.

Priests go on about this for many years, trying to stop the fashion for spontaneously arising in the 90‑ies of the heathen ritual, has no relation to spiritual life and threat to health.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

While they do not succeed. But those Orthodox who know how to listen and hear, do start to look to the baptismal hole with a certain doubt.

The mayor of Yaroslavl Vladimir Sleptsov does not apply to them. He ordered the heads of territorial administrations of the region and their deputies to personally bathe in the Baptism in the hole.

“So please in the event all chapters to participate. I mean the fonts, he said, pointedly looking around the audience. — You show an example to all in the same way as the deputies. You Orthodox people, therefore, need to lead by example”.

What can you say about the mayor of Yaroslavl after this order?

1) he has a very vague idea of the Orthodox religion.

2) He is sure that every one of heads of local administrations and their deputies — Orthodox, among them there can be atheists, but also Muslims and members of other religions that Baptism is not a holiday.

3) He doesn’t care that not all people can swim in the hole on health, not all of these young and strong as he is.

4) He genuinely believes that it has the right to order those below him in the pecking order, how to spend free time and what to do with personal life.

5) he had no doubt that the task of local leaders is to show the public an example, including the hole, and not to work for the good of the people, solving his immediate problems.

Summing up, we can say that the mayor of Yaroslavl Vladimir Sleptsov is a fabulously dense character.

But it is quite successful in terms of career.

Yaroslavl, he headed just a year ago, and before that two years was head of Khimki. As he is from Yaroslavl, Khimki administration since his arrival joined the many residents of his home town. Now the process is reversed.

Themselves Khimki, as the locals say, a little lost with its move to a new position.

A fun story from those about him, telling about new year’s illumination, which when Sleptsova from the city budget was spent nearly as many millions as on the illumination of the whole St. Petersburg.

The Moscow Department of the FAS last summer filed against Sleptsova administrative case for violation of competition law. As head of the administration, he signed the decree about creation of municipal state establishment “Specialized service in the sphere of burial and funeral business”, which regulate the access of companies to the market of funeral services.

If the FAS will bring the matter to an end, Sleptsova can deprive of the right to hold municipal office for three years.

But this is unlikely to happen.

Such leaders as Vladimir Sleptsov, — despite their denseness, authoritarianism, inefficiency, managerial ignorance is demanded in power. Otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

Is it necessary in this context, Yaroslavl, heads of administrations to publicly undress and climb into the hole? Or you can still climb?

Serious question.

Probably, it is necessary to climb. Once the mayor ordered.

Times like these, we have to obey.

Still, it’s not to jump out the window from the tenth floor. Only ice water. Three times plunged. — showed the authorities his selfless service.

Yes and “soon” there usually on duty. Save, if that.


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