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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Putin at the St. Petersburg cemetery approached the son of the commander of his father

Everything connected with the siege of Leningrad, Vladimir Putin – a very personal story. His father, Vladimir Spiridonovich, was one of the defenders of the Nevsky patch – a small bridgehead on the Eastern Bank of the Neva. Troops of the Leningrad front was ordered to hold this inch of land at any cost: then the participants remembered those fights, “nothing more tragic, terrible and heroic, they then the war has not seen.” For 400 days to “patch” lost 50 thousand soldiers and officers.

photo: kremlin.ru

While Putin’s father fought in the besieged city unfolded another tragedy. Young Leningrad spur of the moment are taken away from their mothers and sent to orphanages for subsequent evacuation. This was done, of course, from good intentions to save children from hunger. But brother Putin – year-old Victor is the separation from the mother is not moved, became ill with diphtheria and died. Parents are not even told where he is buried. Only in 2014, after the President publicly told the story, archivists have found out the date and place of burial, 1942, a mass grave Piskarevsky memorial cemetery.

So when in late January, Vladimir Putin sent in these two locations – at the memorial stone on the Nevsky patch and piskaryovsky necropolis is not just a traditional ritual. And not one memorable date. This part of the biography of Putin himself, had a huge impact on his Outlook and his fate. The President a few times, proudly said: my father had a “reservation”, which gives the opportunity to stay in the rear, but he volunteered to the front. Moreover, he was asked to sabotage detachment of the NKVD.

This time at the Piskarevsky Vladimir Putin was waiting for an unexpected meeting. After he laid flowers at the grave of his brother, he was approached by a pensioner Eugene Scherbakov, who identified himself as the son of the commander of the division, which served the President’s father. “Together they fought at Nevsky Pyatachok” – the man told. According to him, the family preserved some photographs and documents relating to the events of those years. Shcherbakov asked the President about personal meeting to talk about what is important to both of them.

In spite of the 75th anniversary of the breakthrough of the siege ring and the election year, in the ceremony of laying flowers was attended by quite a few people. A core group of veterans waited for the President at the Museum-reserve “Breakthrough”. This year it opened a new pavilion with three-dimensional exposure, the initiator of which was made by himself of GDP.

On an area of 500 sq m reconstructed picture of the battle that occurred on 13 January 1943, on the second day of the operation “Iskra”, which ended with the lifting of the blockade. To complete the experience, visitors are invited to move around the trenches, looking out of which you can see models of Soviet tanks BT-5 and T-26, German aircraft Junkers, anti-tank gun model 1941 and more than 30 figures of soldiers, most of them depicting the actual participants of the battle.

The correspondent of “MK” at some point, I thought one of the waxy soldiers similar to the famous photograph of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, but no evidence of this find, unfortunately, failed. But veteran Leonid Motorin, who took part in the operation “Iskra”, confirmed that exactly 75 years ago on Nevsky patch it was. Only, of course, much worse. Because planes and tanks was the real thing. And the fresh snow really mingled with red blood.

Vladimir Putin said that the exposition is made in a talented and expressive, but the reality is still more impressive. “Still here find the remains of soldiers with weapons in their hands, which are rotated in the direction of the enemy, – said the President – They have not retreated, and it is this attitude in the character of our people.”

According to Putin, it is necessary to use every occasion to remind the world of the heroism of Leningrad and the defenders of the city. “Never anything like this should not happen again”, – he stressed. Veterans, in turn, assured the President his unconditional support: “are You for us such support! Finally, Russia to adequately defend their interests. And in Syria, we everyone should be well shuganul! “

For the elderly, Putin did not ask: it would be nice just to live longer. And that the legs do not disappoint. After surviving veterans has passed 90 years.

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