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Friday, February 23, 2018

Dangerous strategy of the Pentagon: when the United States will use nuclear weapons

Recently, the Pentagon has sent President Trump for the approval of the draft new US nuclear strategy. In case the President of the good US nuclear weapons will be used in the attack on the United States non-nuclear means of the enemy can overwhelm the us infrastructure. We are talking about so-called cyber attacks…

Photo: David B. Gleason.

For several decades American presidents threatened first use of nuclear weapons only in case of retaliation for a biological attack on the United States. A new Pentagon project significantly expands the space of the nuclear threat, including the enemy’s attempts to destroy the far-reaching infrastructure, such as the power sector or communication, the most susceptible to cyber-warfare.

A Pentagon project called “review of the nuclear state” was drawn up in its depths and is now being considered by the White house. In the final form it will be published in the coming weeks. He will present a new look at U.S. nuclear strategy.

The project reflects a rather grim picture of the status of nuclear weapons the United States not only in comparison with Russia and China, but even with North Korea and potentially Iran. “We need to look straight into the eyes of reality and see the world for what it is, not as it we wish it was, — is spoken in the draft of the Pentagon.

A new initiative of the administration of the tramp, says the document, “rethinking our nuclear policy in light of a realistic assessment of techpros that we face and the uncertainties of our future security zone”.

And the Pentagon and the White house declined to comment, citing the fact that the project has not yet been approved by trump. But according to three former officials, extensive cyber attack against the United States will be included in the list of American nuclear response. Gary Samor, senior Advisor to President Obama on nuclear issues, says that a large part of the project repeats the basic elements of Obama’s policy “is almost word for word”, including the Declaration that “will consider the use of nuclear weapons only in extreme cases, if necessary to protect the vital interests of the United States or its allies and partners.”

But the difference is Obama’s and trunovskogo projects is the interpretation of the concept of “extreme case”. In trunovskom the project “extreme case” includes “a significant, although non-nuclear attack” on the United States or its nuclear forces, command and control. In the project the Pentagon does not say that a powerful cyber attack against the United States represents the “extreme case”. But according to experts, a cyber attack is the most effective means of paralyzing systems such as national grid, the system of mobile phones and the Internet, without the use of nuclear weapons.

“In 2001 we were busy with the problem of how to provide protection from terrorism, because terrorism does not have the population and the territory. Cyber contains the same problem, says Corey Cervix, the chief officer of the national security Council during the presidency of Bush. — But now the Pentagon has found a way of establishing the dynamics of protective against him.”

In the draft of the Pentagon refers to the “proliferation threats in space and cyberspace”, which aimed at the American nuclear Arsenal, “the legacy of the cold war”.

At the moment the main opponents of the United States are not taking these cyber attacks, which could provoke a nuclear response. So Russia sent in the ocean, its submarines with the means of circumcision of the cable connecting the continents, but did not cut this cable. North Korea has used its cyber weapons against “Sony”, but never directly attacked America.

However, the draft of the Pentagon said that the American, Russian and Chinese strategic forces modernized and believe that any conflict can begin with a lightning strike in space and communication systems. During the Obama presidency, there was a secret program, codenamed “Nitro Zeus.” Its purpose was “the blinding of Iran,” and she was supposed to be used in the case of the failure of nuclear negotiations with Tehran.

The Pentagon project envisages the creation of a new generation of small nuclear bombs. However, the design started under Obama. Some experts warn that these small nuclear weapons can erase the difference between nuclear and non-nuclear weapons. So their use can be very seductive.

The draft contains the assertion that Russia is experiencing its first stand-alone nuclear torpedo that is managed by artificial intelligence. Therefore, this torpedo can hit the US, even if the relationship with Moscow will be interrupted. This is the first recognition of Washington that such a torpedo is a reality. She is the prototype of the torpedo, which was planned in the 1960s the great Soviet nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov. (Later — even more great dissenter).

Work in Russia over the torpedo was first seen in the years of the Obama administration. It is widely discussed in the circles of the American military experts and strategists. However, until now it has not been openly discussed. As you know, trump rarely criticizes the Russian President. But the project of the Pentagon characterizes Moscow’s actions as “destabilizing”. It refers to the possibility of refusal of Washington from the line Obama to reduce the role and size of U.S. nuclear Arsenal.

The US defence Secretary Jim Mattis writes in the Preface to the draft of the Pentagon that Russia “has adopted a military strategy and military capabilities based on nuclear escalation and its success. This development along with the invasion of the Crimea, as well as nuclear threats against our allies, testifies to the persistent return of Moscow to the status of great powers.”

The nuclear strategy of the United States provides for the creation of new types of weapons. The Pentagon project contains the moment of “rapid development” of cruise missiles launched from submarines. (President Obama has decided to abandon them). The project also calls for the creation of nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles launched from submarines.

Of course, declaratory nuclear strategy of the country, the President of the United States can change, as they say, with extraordinary ease. But where more complex reformulation ridge nuclear Arsenal. This requires not only huge costs and many years or even decades, of planning and execution of the plan. The price of a 30-year nuclear modernization amounted to an astronomical $ 1.2 trillion. Advanced trump plan would require even greater costs. What? This will become clear when it released the budget for the year 2019.

According to Andrew Weber, Deputy Minister of defense in the Obama Cabinet if the new draft will be adopted “the likelihood of nuclear war will be much more.”

The most extreme conclusions of the project are associated with the existence of “a deadly new class of Russian nuclear torpedo — a cigar-shaped underwater missile, launched from submarines”. Such nuclear torpedoes during the “cold war” was created very successfully in the Soviet Union. Andrei Sakharov Premyslian giant torpedo, able to cover hundreds of miles and inflict catastrophic destruction thousands of times greater than the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima. At that time, this idea of Sakharov was rejected, but now, according to the Pentagon project, Russia “resurrect” this idea.

Project of the Pentagon characterizes this new weapon as the “Intercontinental Autonomous underwater nuclear torpedo”. In the chart called “New means of nuclear delivery over the past decade,” this torpedo appears “modest” under his code name “Status-6”.

According to the newspaper “new York times,” there are news reports about the existence of this “Sakharov torpedoes” as early as 2015. But the Pentagon projects it is first mentioned. Thus the US Federal government confirms its existence. Torpedo monster is designed according to experts, in order to “pour a deadly radioactive rain to the coastal regions of the United States, making them unsuitable for city life.”


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