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Monday, February 19, 2018

“Crush fetish”: MPs horrified by footage of beautiful women crushing rabbits

The Duma Committee on ecology and environment protection together with the Roskomnadzor has prepared a draft law on pre-trial blocking zhivoderskie sites on the Internet. MPs want to “cut” out of Network not only similar content, but also its creators and distributors and threaten them with Criminal code.

Even in Khabarovsk rivederci received real time not for the publication of video with animal abuse, but for their other sins. Photo: a frame from the video.

The problem of public distribution in the Russian segment of the Internet produced mainly in our own territory zhivoderskie content animal rights activists have raised at the end of last year during work on a new version of article 245 of the criminal code (“cruelty to animals”). Then the Duma Committee on ecology and the environment discussed the situation with the Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of interior and Prosecutor’s office. In the end there was a bill that in the case of support by experts will be submitted to the Duma and adopted.

Document (“MK”) offers from 1 January 2019 to complete the list of information that you can lock in a pre-judicial order on the decision of the authorized body of Executive power, and to include “materials about animal cruelty”. The explanatory note says that now Roskomnadzor can block zhivoderskie content only on the court, and in recent years the office has received “1475 judicial decisions of this kind” (this includes cases of illegal mining or selling are included in the Red book of animals). Judicial lock takes about 3 months, the authors of the bill, and “there is a need to introduce more expeditious procedures”.

Thus, locking mechanism the bill proposes to equate zhivoderskie content to, for example, calls for suicide, recipes for drug manufacture and advertising and child pornography.

They will understand officials under the “cruelty to animals” in this case? In Russian law, this concept is more or less concretized only in the same article 245 of the criminal code where the crime is considered “cruelty to animals with the purpose of causing him pain and (or) of suffering and an act of hooliganism, or mercenary motives, which caused his death or injury”.

On January 18 the head of the Committee Vladimir burmatov (“ER”) told colleagues that popular genre the Network has become a “crush fetish” that is, a video where the participants of the rollers pressed down, strangled and tortured animals, and online games offering virtual to torture animals or to conduct the experiment on him. “Most of the victims are cats, puppies and rabbits,” explained the MP and distributed to the members of the Committee, the thick bundles of screenshots of some frames from 1300 rollers, discovered volunteering animal rights activists lately.

On the first page none of the deputies did not watch. “It is strange that women there”, — noted Anatoly Greshnevikov (“CP”). “Is it possible to earn?” — he asked and noted that “if so, then the world has gone crazy.” “This business with deeply layered structure, there are private subscription, the casting of the Actresses carried out, and for the created to order product perverts pay very decent money, and export mainly goes to China,” said Mr. Burmatov. 90% of the identified zhivoderskie resources in Russian social network “Vkontakte”, said the Deputy, and asked Ivan Korneev, head of the moderation and administration of the resource, to explain this strange fact. Mr. Korneev said that this stuff is “originally came to us from the East, from Japan” that “Vkontakte” supported the decision to block these resources and now “begins to work actively in this direction”…

“We are with the interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s office are trying to identify individuals that distribute and manufacture such products on them are 245-I was crying,” said Mr. Burmatov. By the way, the criminal code for posting video demonstration of animal cruelty promises in an extreme case, imprisonment for a term of 3 to 5 years.

“The sites have preemptively closed, and then investigate,” — said the first Deputy head of the Committee Nikolay Valuev (“ER”).

But the way of implementation of the good intentions of deputies may be the representatives of Roskomnadzor believes that the proposed measures will require additional expenditures from the Federal budget on the maintenance of officials who will be monitoring the Internet in this part.

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