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Friday, February 23, 2018

Climate scientists: global warming will leave humanity without maple syrup

Experts from the University of Michigan came to the conclusion that as a result of climate change in the world may disappear of sugar maples from which maple syrup is produced. In some respects the human impact on the environment was for these useful trees, however, before the end of this century the Earth may become unsuitable for their existence.

photo: pixabay.com

Scientists have noticed that today maples, paradoxically, the “win” from the fact that man pollutes the environment — in the soil increases the amount of nitrogen that allows maples to grow better and to a lesser extent to suffer during droughts. However, the drought caused by global warming come more often, and the climate in General is hot and dry, so even the “extra” nitrogen does not allow sugar maple to sufficiently adapt to new conditions.

The experts made a number of climate models and came to the conclusion that the future growth of maple trees will slow down significantly. Moreover, if greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere quickly, the temperature in the areas where these trees grow, will grow by 5 degrees Celsius and rainfall will decrease by 40 percent, which can lead to the disappearance of these plants, and consequently, and maple syrup.

The study was published in the journal Ecology.

Recently a group of researchers from the UK and the USA expressed the view that climate change may after a few centuries to make the planet uninhabitable for humans and other mammals. A week ago, physicist Stephen Hawking made an even bolder prediction — according to him, in the future our planet from the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will become like Venus, and humanity, to survive, will need to colonize other planets.

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