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Friday, February 16, 2018

Bye-bye Constitution

Mr. President, the Russian language is different from American. On the American “bye-bye” means “goodbye.” And in Russian — “sleep, sleep”. Everyone is free to understand in their own way.

photo: Alex geldings

Right before the New year, when all drank champagne (at home or in planes flying in a beautiful warm or ski edges), police medium size (not the Minister, but not a hunter) said of our Constitution, “bye-bye”. He had to put her down or canceled? In a sense, “put to sleep” and “kill” are one and the same.

Here is a document (say politely) beat the Constitution.

GU MVD of Russia in Moscow
Department of the interior
on the Western administrative district
The Department of economic security
and anti-corruption
26 Dec 2017


Hereby notify the prevention of the reception of orders and production of printed materials (printing, booklets, leaflets , etc.), defamatory, representatives of state authorities of the Russian Federation, politicians, including discrediting the honor and dignity of man and of the citizen, wearing a promotional nature, with calls to hold an unsanctioned rallies, marches, in the period of preparation and conduct of elections of the President of the Russian Federation March 18, 2018, and entailing liability stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

When contacting Your organization individuals with the order of printing for producing these materials, PROMPTLY notify the representatives of the NEB and the PC UVD po ZAO GU MVD of Russia in Moscow by phone: 8(499)233-96-17, 8(926)562-38-98, 8(926)301-21-34.

Print (No. 06/4), signature:

Chief A. V. Vlasenko

Mr. President, let us understand this “Notice”. Not only are you the guarantor of the Constitution, but also a lawyer. What we’re talking about? What’s ordered?

Ordered to IMMEDIATELY convey to the police on those who defames “representatives of the government of the Russian Federation, political figures,” etc. (We wonder the police Notice said “etc.” is a tremendous scope for interpretation. Under this “etc.” you can bring anything.) Even — Oh, miracle — the mobile numbers of police officers.

We believe that small or medium head, it is unlikely he came up with this. Most likely, a similar Notice went throughout Russia.

Explanatory dictionary of Great Russian Language says: “to Denigrate, to condemn, to bring disgrace to anyone.”

So, when we (journalists) have condemned any of the mayor, the Minister or the Governor for theft (and they arrested a lot already), we had been defamed. And that is important — long before his arrest.

And when we complain of you, Mr. President, for (say) the appointment of the Minister of defense Serdyukov, then we defamed you.

What would it be? Comes to the printing room of the newspaper with a critical article about thieving Governor or the Minister, and typographic (instead of running the printing press) wrote a denunciation to the police? This is a national disaster.

Constitution. Article 29

Everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and expression…

Everyone has the right freely to seek, receive, transmit, produce and disseminate information by any legal way. The list of information constituting a state secret is defined by Federal law.

Guaranteed freedom of the media. Censorship is prohibited.

Think about it, Mr. President, in a letter to the police. Typographic (any publisher of printed materials) must himself and without delay to discover the sedition and to bring. Is he a lawyer? And unless he is an expert on constitutional law? And unless knows the Law on the press?

None of this he might not know. And so, to decide whether sedition or not, denigrates whether the text of any figure — it will not be on the Constitution and on their own (most likely cowardly) sensations, which are perceived by the timid person as involuntary contractions of the sphincter in the rear part of the body. In Russian it is called “point bench-press”.

photo: Alex geldings

Will continue to examine the Explanatory dictionary of the Russian Language. “To condemn is to Express disapproval, to acknowledge the bad”. (The second meaning — “to sentence to punishment”, but we do not consider, because to sentence to punishment, alas, can not.)

Mr. President! Scary to think, but all “letters to the President” published in the last 14 years, expressed to put it mildly, a disapproval of the actions of the Supreme power. Your officials hundreds of times discovered and IMMEDIATELY reported to you and to all “structures” in the hope to destroy the newspaper.

And we struggled trying to convince you that discredit and discrediting power not journalists, and the levers of power, the high-ranking officials (high set). One, for example, pointedly ignores the court; it subpoenaed, and he says he’s busy, busy. Another famous for the witty phrase: “there’s no Money but you stay; health to you”… (and wanted to say: there is no mind, but you hang in there, chiefs.)

How many times have you yourself, Mr. President, discredited and defamed Ministers and other levers? 14 December 2017 at a press conference sounded awful words. (Quoted verbatim.)

PUTIN. A year ago, I was invited Bortnikov (Director of the FSB, if anyone knows) and gave him the materials that I have received on one of the channels with respect to a specific structure. He looked (awkward to say, but nonetheless I will say) and says: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are exactly six months ago this structure was carried out quickly-investigative actions, criminal proceedings and has transferred in court, all are in places of imprisonment — all from the whole unit. Six months ago, hired new employees, and started all over again.”

You know, I honestly sometimes don’t even know what to do with it.

Can more to discredit the “structure”? But it told about her and about Bortnikov not enemies, not journalists, and you personally. Do you have the right to defame (to Express disapproval), and we — no?

Who is stronger discredited power than your appointees?

Now seriously. The police, ordering him to IMMEDIATELY bring about yet unpublished texts, abolished the Constitution in Russia. Completely abolished.

I doubt, Mr. President? But if your “Mercedes” on the move to Unscrew only one wheel… Go the machine? And where?


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