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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bathing in ice-hole on Epiphany: is it possible to pick up bacteria

Saw in the latest issue of your newspaper a list of pools where you can plunge into Baptism, and was stunned! 59 allowed! How is it?! In summer, bathing half of the ponds is closed, for example, our front — there is some infection! Why in the winter you can swim? Or religious holidays, you can forget about the bacteria?

Anna, 36 years old, Golyanovo.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Responsible head of the Department of infectious diseases RUDN Galina KOZHEVNIKOVA:

— The fact that cold water is simply no pathogenic organisms. Most intestinal infections are active when the temperature is 20-22 degrees, i.e. summer. During this period, the water can be found and Salmonella, and cholera, and dysentery. In the lakes they come from people from different soil and sewage and industrial effluents. In the winter months, the pathogens can not withstand low temperatures and die, so if you grab some river water — nothing will happen. Of course, there are the rare bacteria, such as Yersinia, which multiply and live safely at +4…+8 degrees, but to meet them in the aquatic environment of Moscow is almost impossible.


For that year, from Yakutia, we pass on the strongest frosts to -67 degrees, especially in the Verkhoyansk area, Oymyakon. I wonder how there are record such values? After dividing the on street thermometers usually end in -50?

Nadezhda BELOVA. Kursk.

Responsible meteorologist Alexander Lukin:

— To measure the air temperature at the meteorological stations used meteorological psychrometric thermometers with a mercury reservoir, which is designed for temperature range from -35 to +50 degrees. As soon as the temperature falls to -15 and the temperature is held steadily at this level for some time, the meteorologists put on the other site, nizkogradusnoyi thermometer which is mercury is alcohol (the fact that when -38,8 degrees mercury just freezes). Nizkogradusnoyi thermometers measure temperature in the range from -70 to +40 degrees. There is also a maximum thermometers that show temperature ranges from -35 to +70 degrees. Thus we close the whole temperature range, which is on the globe.

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