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Friday, February 16, 2018

“An oasis of socialism” Pavel Grudinina

The candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina the center of attention. This is due not only to the fact that he’s the new face in the presidential race, but also with the fact that his farm JSC “state Farm. Lenin” he built “an oasis of socialism”.

Photo: Communist party

About this very “oasis” like a mantra repeated at a press conference Pavel Grudinina, which took place on 16 January 2018, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov and the candidate.

Don’t know if ready Grudinin to the fact that his biography, business activity will be literally viewed under a microscope. After the press conference, I was under the impression that the candidate for such attention to his person was not ready.

A couple Zyuganov they talked about social justice, about socialism. Looks beautiful it looked. But if you reject verbal peel, we see the portrait of a successful and tenacious businessman. Such “successful and strong” at the end of last and beginning of this century there were hundreds. They all earned the initial capital, using the raw capabilities of the Russian economy. Some have risen on the oil and gas, like Abramovich, Khodorkovsky, etc., etc., Pavel made his initial capital on the sale of land. He was not the first nor he be the last.

It just so happened that the sale of land in Moscow region is a very profitable business. In the suburbs there is no oil, but there’s literally “gold” hectares near the metropolis, which is always a high demand. This business has raised a generation of officials and businessmen. Our Odintsovo visual proof of it. The scheme is very simple. Officially, the land was sold at a very low cost, and the difference between the formal and the real price was the cache.

My question to Paul Grudinin was associated with the sale of land. In the first decade he sold the land on which there were “Vegas,” “Your house” and other shopping centers. Absolutely normal move. Trade of land significantly more profitable agricultural production. From these deals, the farm earned the order of 730 million rubles.

Income statement

But as you know, “the devil is in the details.” However, the detail is very significant. The real value of land sold was about 7 billion rubles. That’s why I asked Pavel Nikolaevich: “whether voiced by me information true?”

The answer is not actually received. He very awkwardly hushed.

“We have a decision of the General meeting of shareholders — all the money in the budget… the money we have invested in free apartments to our workers, modernization of production… So the money we got from those lands that cannot be used for agricultural production, all gone.”

Sounds nice. Such a touching concern for the common people. I want to go to Pavel Nikolayevich, hugging him and crying with emotion. But the tears dried up when I came across a very interesting information for the year 2016.

IKEA for the first time in a few years will open a store in the Moscow region, which manages shopping centers of MEGA, IKEA, IKEA shopping Centres Russia bought land on the Kashira highway. Pavel Grudinin confirmed that the plot purchased by the Swedish retailer, belonged to the firm “TT development” controlled by the farm.

If you believe the financial statements of “TT development” for the year 2016, revenues from the sale of this land amounted to almost 1.6 billion rubles. As they say, feel the difference. 730 million for several sections of a larger area and 1.6 billion in a single area of the smaller square.

We must note here that “TT development” — a subsidiary of JSC “state Farm. Lenin.” But “the farm” there is only one of the founders. The rest of the shareholders — Pavel Grudinin, his son Anton Grudinin, as well as two close associates — Alexander Fedorov (Executive Director of “state farm”) and Vladimir Sviridovsky (son of the General Director of “TT development”).

Where did “TT development” so much land? When the firm was established in 2008, 18 acres of land became the contribution to Charter capital from the JSC “state Farm. Lenin.” The share of “farm” in nominal value “TT development” for included 18 hectares amounted to 29.3 million rubles. It is part of the 18 hectares and was sold for 1.6 billion rubles. A kick-ass business. To shift the stack of papers from one folder to another and make half a billion.

Extract from the egrn

The money, according to Pavel Grudinina, went to the development of the farm. However, Grudinin have not forgotten yourself, a loved one, as well as beloved relatives and staff.

According to the SPARK database, in 2016 the shareholders of “TT development” Pavel Grudinin, Anton Grudinin, Alexandr Fedorov and Vladimir Sviridovskiy received 37 million rubles each as a “payments in the form of gifts.” Good money — ten “Mercedes” each. An ordinary employee of the farm named after Lenin, we should work about sixty years to make it. By the way, about the origin of these money the candidate could not give a clear answer.

By the standards of Russian business in this earnings there is nothing wrong. “Who dared, that and ate”. But it has no relationship to social justice and socialism. Yes, he has equipped, and well arranged farm. So Abramovich has arranged a region — Chukotka. What? From the master’s table to throw crumbs to the serfs. Nothing new.

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