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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The senators gathered to allow the contact Petrovka “Oboroceanu” boars and bears

In the state Duma, the first meeting of the conciliatory Commission on the law banning contact pritravki hunting dogs, which the Federation Council rejected before the New year. Until February 10, deputies and senators should come to a compromise. Apparently, the chance to achieve there – the Kremlin is unlikely to allow a serious conflict between the two chambers of the Parliament before the presidential election.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The law, for example European countries prohibiting contact Petrovka hunting dogs and birds of prey to wild animals, regulating the activities pritravochnyh stations was submitted to the Duma over the signatures of a group of deputies headed by speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, and almost unanimously (over 400 “for”) adopted in December 2017.

But on December 26 the document to the surprise of many rejected by the Federation Council – despite the fact that the profile committees of the upper house of Parliament recommended to approve it. During the discussion, senators in expressions did not hesitate. Sergei Kalashnikov, for example, compared to the protection of wild animals protection of sexual minorities, which greatly hurt the colleagues from the lower chamber.

The veto of Council of Federation to the state Duma leaves three options: the Constitution permits or to overcome a veto by two-thirds, then sending the document directly to the President or to create a conciliation Commission and to try to find a compromise, or withdraw the law from consideration, “killing” it completely.

The Federation Council has invited the Commission to create, sending in its composition of 11 senators led by Senator from the Nizhniy Novgorod region Vladimir Lebedev. They were all opponents of the adopted by the deputies of the law.

The state Duma, after long and heated discussions to participate in conciliation procedures is also agreed, although many deputies offered not to waste time on negotiations and to immediately override the veto. We can assume that his role is played and the position of the Kremlin is the source of “MK” was told that during the discussion at the meeting of the Council of the Duma the Plenipotentiary of President Harry Minh “has asked deputies not to put the President to have to make a choice between the position of the houses of Parliament”.

All 11 members of the Commission from the state Duma led by the Chairman of the Committee on natural resources, environment and property by Nikolay Nikolayev (“ER”) was the expected supporters of a ban contact pritravki.

The first session took place on 16 January in a constructive manner – perhaps to the leadership of the Federation Council brought the wish of the Kremlin “not making waves” before the presidential elections on March 18. “We are not fighting two the flying squad, and present a United Federal Assembly”,- said Mr. Nikolaev. Hunters were presented with both sides.

The state Duma, according to Mr. Nikolaev, against the “cruelty to animals, who are exposed to multiple abuse and become a victim of a dog”, but not against hunting as such. Today, said the Deputy, all employees pritravochnyh stations actually go “under the article” of the Criminal code, which punishes cruelty to animals “for personal gain”, which occurs when the contact petrovce. “Pritravochnye station must use mesh and other barriers,” said Mr. Nikolaev.

The senators also “against zhivoderstva”: said Mr. Lebedev. But SF offers to exclude from the scope of the law banning contact Petrovka hunting birds (like falcons), because “it may affect the FSO and security of airports,” using these animals in order to ensure the security of protected objects. On this subject there will be consultations with interested parties.

As for hunting dogs – SF proposes to prohibit “contact Petrovka ways, providing for the presence of wild animals in cramped conditions and the limitation of their defense,”.

“If the aviary area of 10 hectares, and the wild boar with fangs and teeth not connected, in fact, free, contact, possible,” he explained the position of senators. If dogs work “the hole”, that is used to hunt burrowing animals like foxes or badgers, then to years they can afford the “contact” (they should be able to cuff the beast”, in the words g-on Lebedev), and impossible to coach, and they should be allowed only in the presence of special protections…

The term of work of the conciliatory Commission of the state Duma determined until February 10. What will happen if the compromise still doesn’t work? The regulation allows in this case, or to override the veto, leaving the final decision rests with the President, or withdraw the law from consideration. There is another option – extending the term of the Commission. There are currently no restrictions. For example, after imposed by the President in December 2016 veto on the law on the establishment of a single Federal interdepartmental system of the account of pupils the period of work of the conciliatory Commission has been extended twice already.

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