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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Ministers struck Putin statistics of travel to Chechnya

The authorities expect that the Russians will appreciate a gift of the election of the President and will not abuse the trust of the state, continue timely paying taxes. According to the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov, initiated by Vladimir Putin, the Amnesty will affect 20 million people and more than 3 million individual entrepreneurs. In sum, they will forgive almost 184 billion rubles.

photo: kremlin.ru

The meeting of Vladimir Putin with members of the government are usually held on a regular basis, not less frequently than twice a month. However, at the end of last year happened a long break – the last meeting in this format took place already on October 31.

First, in connection with the completion of the military campaign in Syria, the President was actively engaged in foreign policy. Then started the campaign, and place officials in the schedule of the head of state took the workers and volunteers. However, there is no doubt that the Ministers will remain and make a contribution to the campaign for a “main candidate”. On Tuesday in the framework of the Gaidar forum, they excitedly talked about the achievements of the last five years. And, meeting in the second half of the day in Putin’s country residence “Novo-Ogaryovo”, did the President a stream of numbers, indicating the improvement of the economic situation and the welfare of the working people.

As proof, Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov and head of Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov mentioned the increase in passenger traffic during the holidays. According to them, the airline transported around 4.5 million passengers, and Railways – 38 million people, which is significantly higher than last year. While many Russians moved across the country with the tourist purposes. Competition Moscow and St. Petersburg in this New year includes Sochi and the Crimea and Chechnya: the number of tourists in this Caucasian Republic, by words g-on Safonova, rose as much as 140%.

The statistics of holiday outbound tourism officials to disclose did not. But overall, the situation is very good: on vacation, a trip abroad, 38 million people. “This is only 4 million less than in pre-crisis 2014,” – said Safonov.

However, there is one significant detail: to fly and to travel can afford mainly Muscovites and residents of other major cities. Of the 4.5 million people who had used aircraft during the new year holidays, nearly 4 million flew out of Moscow airports and St. Petersburg. For the vast majority of Russians, despite the economic improvement, such trips are still a luxury.

Mr. Safonov has told to the President that parallel and “contrary to the propaganda,” there is a growing interest of foreigners to visit our country. At the end of last year, Russia entered the top five most popular destinations by number of searches on the Internet. And the border guards recorded that inbound tourism increased by 14%. In 2018 in connection with the world Cup of foreign tourists will be more. To their acquaintance with Russia is not limited to some stadiums and a pub, the Federal tourism Agency promised to develop a “comprehensive program of hospitality”, which, according to Safonov, “will reinforce a positive image of the Russian Federation in the world.”

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at the request of President Vladimir Putin spoke about the progress of a tax Amnesty, the necessity of which the head of state said at the final press conference. Important election initiative implemented in a matter of days – the relevant laws were adopted before the Christmas holidays and partly retrospectively. This will allow pensioners and other preferential categories already this year not to pay land tax for the country on 6 acres.

As for the accumulated debts, they are, according to Siluanov, write off 20 million Russians in the amount of 41 billion rubles Is mainly debt for land and transport tax, and property tax generated before 2015. The Minister said that specifically apply to the tax authorities citizens do not need arrears with them will be written off automatically.

The Finance Ministry expects the fiscal discipline, and the consciousness of Russians. Now the order of payments to government is simplified, to pay taxes online through personal accounts. “We hope that the current debt will not accumulate,” – said Siluanov. Under the Amnesty also hit 3 million individual entrepreneurs, which the state forgave the taxes on RUB 15.8 billion, with More than 700 employees exempt from the payment of arrears of insurance contributions to extrabudgetary funds, recorded as of January 1, 2017. It is 127 billion RUB.

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