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Monday, February 12, 2018

The meteorite lit up the night sky over Detroit and caused the earthquake

The outbreak, which recently saw American residents of Detroit and its environs, was not caused by lightning or any other weather phenomenon, as a meteorite. This was reported by the national weather service of the United States, which also said the object apparently fell 8 kilometers from the settlement called new haven.

A frame from the video.

Before American meteorologists officially commented on the incident, the Internet began to appear a lot of videos made with the help of CCTV cameras installed on the machines DVRs. These videos were captured meteorite fall, as if illuminated in blue. The sky around the object briefly became almost blue, then yellow, and then estimated the meteor flared and disappeared. It is reported that the event was accompanied by a loud pop — heard it, including many people who had not seen the fall of a stone from space.

The National weather service, the US mentioned that the fall of a meteorite provoked an earthquake with magnitude of 2.0. Thus on casualties or damage not reported.

In the comments to the video some Internet users report that they felt some vibration, and others admit that the sight of a falling meteorite scared of them after recent events in Hawaii, where because of a false alarm the residents of the 40 minutes spent waiting to attack ballistic missiles.

Recently, experts at the American space Agency NASA commented on another bright flash that was seen on the night of 6 to 7 January, watched the inhabitants of Tatarstan. As it was reported, caused it burned in the atmosphere, the meteoroid that entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 00:24 Moscow time at a speed of 21 kilometers per second.

Watch the video on:
“In the U.S., a meteorite lit up the night sky blinding flash”


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