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Friday, February 23, 2018

The mayor of Irgun gave birth to twins on the instructions of Putin

January 17, Vladimir Putin held in Kolomna near Moscow. He visited new perinatal center, and then joined the work of the first Forum of small towns and historic settlements. The mayor of Korenovsk (Krasnodar Krai), Eugene, Pergo indulged the President with the news that “carrying out the presidential program to increase the birth rate,” he twins.

photo: kremlin.ru

A date in Kolomna passed to mutual satisfaction. For the candidate — because 70% of Russian cities are small, and it is home to every fifth voter. For the audience at the Forum of mayors of small towns — as a real chance to get additional budgetary support.

In fact, life in small towns with population up to 100 thousand people — not sugar. They, of course, do not know madness of being big cities. But instead have their own problems, headed by the lack of jobs and labor migration to large towns. And as a consequence – the population decline and critical problems in economic welfare of the inhabitants.

– In the agenda of the Forum is the discussion of life in small towns,- told reporters the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.- In Moscow and St.-Petersburg now became very beautiful. But small towns also want such changes! And the President’s participation in our work allows us to believe that the development of small cities will be allocated additional funds and other support.

Later, joining the meeting, Putin this support and indeed promised — for example, in the framework of the project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” of 25 billion rubles each year until 2020, or under the program “Rural doctor”, who took upon himself the payment moved to the backwoods of doctors and paramedics, as well as the construction of clinics and hospitals.

However, at the same time, he urged to “move” and the local authorities to make their cities competitive, finding each “flavor”, attractive to tourists. It is particularly successful, he said, the work goes on when “between the authorities and the population there is “chemistry” active interaction.” And the mayors nodded, confirming this thesis.

However, this is the “chemistry” apparently arose in the course of the visit of the GDP in Kolomna perinatal center. Anyway, during the meeting, he repeatedly returned to the obtained experiences, in the end, invited the audience to “congratulate the woman who tonight got there, and now gave birth to a girl”, and generally strongly demonstrated in a good mood:

– Killed in Uglich tsarevitch Dmitry or killed? Let’s see what lives in this city today,- it amused mayors, giving the floor to the representative of this small city.

However, the undisputed “highlight” of the program was the speech of the mayor of the city of Korenovsk, Krasnodar territory Evgeny Berguna:

– Performing yours, Vladimir Vladimirovich, a program for increasing the birth rate, he said, – I recently gave birth to twins, two sons! Yes, even in your birthday, October 7! Thank you very much, that you were born on this day!

The mayor of the city of Korenovsk Eugene Pergun. Photo: social networks.

Continuous positive spoiled only come down to the President information that the funds of the project “creation of a comfortable urban environment” distributed “not always true”.

“I learned that 5 billion rubles for small cities from the Federal budget to the regions was allocated, but to small towns and have not reached, – the President said. Yeah, once the money is gone — I hope, in good hands, we will select another 5 billion But I your asked to distribute them fairly! Money should be sent directly to the small towns and historic settlements!”.

In addition, it is not clear how to combine the development of historic areas, preserving historical and cultural monuments. Putin proposed to serve about this reason their proposals.

Meanwhile, THE Soon to famous “Golden ring” is added to “Silver necklace”, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. It will appear in the North-West around St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. And the “Golden ring” will expand. Now it includes 8 Russian cities, but of the dozen new candidates every year will make another one.

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