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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The leader of the lordly privileges of power

A few years ago as a journalist happened to be in the unusual football match held in the picturesque black sea village of Abrau-Dyurso. Met deputies of the state Duma and employees of the administration of Krasnodar region. For Charter flight, which arrived guests from Moscow, drove a few brand-new comfortable buses, which quickly domchal us to the place. On the way from the airport, the car did not stop at any traffic lights. The free and unhindered movement in the midst of summer season came as a surprise.

photo: Alex geldings

All became clear when I looked out of the window along the road was frozen hundreds of thousands of vehicles were pressed to the side of the road by the police. Drivers weren’t even allowed to come out until deputies-the players will not pass. Some of the cars actually slid into a ditch, away from sin! You can imagine how people were swearing and bonfire “capital guests” standing motionless under the hot southern sun!

We’re all the way the light was green! At each intersection on both sides of the road were police in bright festive uniforms, freeing up track for “servants of the people”! Seeing our column, stretched at attention, raising his hand to the visor.

I admit, for the first time in my life felt so comfortable: race without stopping, without fear and without fear in the company of MPs! And traffic cops instead of the usual quibbles obsequious give us the honor!

You know, get used to good quickly! During that short trip had a certain sense of self-importance, even superiority over the ordinary members of the movement. Probably, it happens regularly to deputies, high-ranking officials and those who fall in their noble retinue.

But for a journalist it was just an isolated (and therefore very memorable) episode. And imagine that you are in a privileged position twenty-four hours a day — even on weekends and during the holidays! All at your service, for your pleasure and benefit! Of course, no longer understand the lives of ordinary citizens. Gradually moving away from reality, with its eternally dissatisfied population. Until the next election campaign, when you will need it to vote.

Today different eggheads experts read the tea leaves — what to invent to captivate and ignite the masses? Some unifying thought, which would like and sunk into the soul… And if you ask the citizens themselves? During a recent public opinion poll among the main problems of the people called: housing, alcoholism and drug addiction, poor education and healthcare, crime, disadvantaged children, abandoned old people, traffic, poverty.

It would seem, at what here benefits and privileges? Apparently, in them lies the root of troubles in the Russian — and not only today but throughout this period of historical development. The eternal craving of the bureaucracy to the special status for themselves, involving the creation of fabulous amenities, hinders the realization of our true problems and concerns of the country. It is necessary to feel and sense them on my own skin, to understand the urgency and importance of decisions. If for you a green light everywhere, it’s hard to ignore the aspirations of those who have taken away even the basic right to move freely on the roads.

Question of privilege agitated the minds of citizens since ancient times. At the dawn of the emergence of public service began in parallel to create special conditions for the Russian elite that caused the indignation of the masses! Not coincidentally, there is an expression: “Who is in charge, that’s got sweets.”

Even the Bolsheviks, started a revolution under the slogan “everything for the people,” almost from the first days began to enter the item spetsraspredeliteli, spetspayki, speculate, spetssanatorii, spetsdachi, specdata guests. Not to mention the current officials, who received an unprecedented life good! Some have a salary a day, that ordinary person does not earn in my entire life… offers public houses, cool cars with drivers, cheap lunch in the departmental canteens for 60-80 rubles, a pension of 80% of salary, which will always be indexed. That is, the narrow circle of the elect gets a lifetime well-being, only once once in the cage the servants of the sovereign.

At a recent government meeting led to the following thought: “we Must explain to our people why the officer should normally pay. First of all, to feel like human beings, not to steal”. Called a specific amount from 2 to 15 million rubles a year to the senior officials, after which they will be ashamed and will stop stealing. As time has shown, one from the other does not always, judging by the recent mass dismissals and criminal cases governors and even Federal Ministers…

Needless to say, special status and special benefits is like a balm to the troubled soul sanctions official. But getting them even the most ordinary, can be quite good in the whole man changes dramatically, becoming a snobby bureaucrat who bored to think about notorious people. Much nicer to run their own business and its enhancement. Appear pleasant trappings of luxury living: personal yacht, a house in London, a grape plantation in the South of Italy, a young assistant, which fades into the status of wife.

Once the French thinker Mably wrote: “Only in the suppression of the traditional elite, the country prospers”. Many countries have realized this truth and began to limit the “manna from heaven” for its bureaucracy. So, the salary of the German Minister today does not exceed ten thousand Euro, despite the high European prices and standard of living. Member of the government on official transport, but every fact of its use is under strict control.

Not long ago, one of the Ministers in Britain had to abandon the personal car of the ensuing scandal. Now at work he goes by train. We have to imagine this is impossible! The US government refused to pay for the senators and ambassadors travel in business class, despite its astronomical budget and are not comparable with our financial capabilities.

In many Old world countries, the salary of top officials is three, maximum four rates of a worker with higher education or six minimum wage (SMIC). In the U.S. top officials get a 16 minimum wage. And some Russian tops exceeding this figure in the hundreds, and even thousands of times. It is unclear, however, for what such merits and achievements…

Our elected officials have a holiday from 30 to 45 calendar days, the service in the departmental clinic (including all family members), official transport, government cottage, comfortable accommodation for the period of parliamentary powers, a Spa treatment, free flights in the County, telephone communication, international negotiations. Moreover, the parliamentary immunity.

Why, one wonders, immunity to deputies of the state Duma? And the inspector or the auditor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, judges (not taking almost acquittals), arbitration assessors, prosecutors, investigators? In order not to feel any responsibility for what you are doing? Without this armor, stricter would treat the performance of their duties. All these “security” and “immunities” — only a pretext for seduction and temptation.

Where they rush to their cars with flashing lights-recalcati? How put off Affairs of state? Why the mod to the employees of the Prosecutor General’s office, Investigative Committee, the constitutional or Supreme courts? No excuse, of course, you can always find. But in this way the “top” away from the “bottom”, cease to see and understand. Rather start to despise!

If you cancel all of these benefits, often undeserved, or at least to curtail them — will quickly come to the sobering. And then they will open in all its glory is a frightening fact of life that it is difficult to see from the Deputy chair or salon service of a limousine. Forced to walk among the masses, to go on a cold public transport, to stand in traffic jams, in queues at the reception in the clinic, to buy artificial food, artificial bread, harmful drinks, it is better to be aware of the need for change. At least around — from a sense of preserving yourself and your family! Understand the value of good roads, good schools and hospitals, decent salaries for doctors, teachers, and not just for themselves.

That is, to restore order in the country, you need to put officials on an equal footing with everyone: let it be closer to the people. The same one that goes on the ballot and each time down into the urn sheet with the name of some talkative candidate with the hope of a better life. Which somehow never comes.

Somehow we, a group of Russian journalists, invited to the head of the Council of one of the richest of the Swiss cantons. The meeting was held the town hall in a democratic environment. The owner poured us tea, were treated to dessert. After the conversation came out on the porch of a historic building to leave. Honestly, expect to see a solid presidential motorcade. And he shook every hand, smiled goodbye, and sat… on the bike and merged with the crowd of ordinary citizens! That’s when our speakers, chairmen, deputies, Ministers and other “public servants” will Board together on bikes — life will begin to change!

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