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Friday, February 16, 2018

The deadlock behalf Grudinina: the candidate from the Communist party of the problem

Sometimes, in order to radically change the morale of the army, is sufficient to change her commander. That’s what happened with the Communist party after temporary care in the shadow of the permanent leader of the party Gennady Zyuganov and the emergence of the left forces of the country an unexpected presidential candidate Pavel Grudinina. Left feeling wash, an endless deja vu, the political struggle in vain — for fun and for the sake of it.

A frame from the video.

But if Grudinina and should be taken as a saving for the Communist party, the magic wand, the validity of the sticks is very limited. Pulling Grudinina, Zyuganov’s party once again has borrowed from the future. Pulling Grudinina, the Russian Communists again missed a chance for its modernity, its transformation into a force that aspires to political and moral leadership in the country.

From the point of view of short-term political tactics, the transformation of the suburban “red capitalist” Pavel Grudinina in the official opponent of Putin, the Communist party is brilliant, you can even say, a brilliant political move. That behind this political move — opinions differ.

Someone convinced that Grudinin was imposed on the party by the Kremlin, Zyuganov sought to introduce an element of recovery in boring Russian electoral landscape. Someone thinks that Gennady Zyuganov has faced internal party revolt: other leaders of the Communist party asked him not to turn the party into object of ridicule and not to run again for the presidency. Someone expresses the opinion that Zyuganov is afraid of the prospect to skip ahead Zhirinovsky and decided not to shame.

But whatever option — or some bizarre combination of these options — not discussed, the effect of replacement of candidate is obvious. The Communist party sample January 2018 resembles a previously well-groomed lady in years, who suddenly got a face lift in a good clinic. In terms of image, selecting Grudinina, Zyuganov’s party is caught in the beat of moods left part of Russian voters. Grudinin is fresh, fresh face, meeting the demand of the society to move forward with newness and change. The job title of this person — the Director of the Lenin state farm — nice mellifluous all those who are nostalgic at least on some aspect of life in the Soviet Union.

For even more unforgettable tunes and biography of Pavel Grudinina. New presidential candidate from the Communist party is not just any talker, divorced from real life apparatchiks or theorist. Grudinin is the man who drowned in the conditions of market economy, which found itself, and has succeeded in the world of capitalist lucre.

All this taken together allows you to sell Grudinina constituents as the living embodiment of the principle of “socialism with a human face”. It would seem, what more could you ask for? I’ll tell you what: that image banding the political platform of the Communist party in 2018 consistent with its internal content.

I have not been, are not and likely will never be a carrier of left-wing political views. But, as someone who sees what is happening around, I am passionately convinced that Russia at the present stage of development in dire need of a strong, modern, advanced, civilized party of the left orientation.

Today’s Russia is too far to the right. Today’s Russia is too far away from the ideals of social justice. This situation can and should be corrected. And one obvious way of correcting the appearance on the left flank of Russian politics serious and meaningful political force that has not only slogans, but also the correct ideas that can translate these slogans into reality.

Open now the program documents of Pavel Grudinina. The economic part of his plans — a mixture of proven inefficiency of the old Soviet ideas like price controls on basic foods and necessities and a nice but totally unrealistic wishes. Noble thought, dear friend Grudinin!

I also wish that in our country in education, science and health care would be spent for 7% of GDP for each industry. I’m all for a minimum salary of 30 thousand rubles, for lowering mortgage rates to 3-4% and many other amenities that are recorded in the new program of the Communist candidate. But, after reading this program several times, I did not understand how it proposed to Finance. On this topic plans Grudinina are openly declarative and frivolous.

The foreign policy programme Paul belly’s amazing to me. Suffice it to say that the Communist candidate openly sympathetic to the plans of North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and wants Russia to recognize the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

What little Grudinin promised in terms of internal policy, at first glance looks quite attractive but on closer examination cease to be.

What is the “Supreme state Council, without the approval of which will not be taken no crucial decision of the President of the country”? Who’s in that body, whose existence is not stipulated by the current Constitution of the Russian Federation? And are not the plans of becoming a popularly elected President into a powerless appendage when the “high state Council” is the perfect way to ensure paralysis of the entire system of state governance of Russia?

Even in the “people’s candidate” I was very confused by his attitude towards criticism to his address. At the time of registration in the Central election Commission Pavel Grudinin not immediately provided detailed information about their foreign accounts. In submitted at the end of last year, data at the beginning of the current year were clarified. And the fact that the left candidate is (or rather was) such accounts, and the fact that he was not immediately able to restore order in their accounts, from my point of view, there is nothing terrible or even just damaging. Discredit — or, rather, semidiscretisation — I see the inability Grudinina openly discuss this sensitive for a man in his current status question.

Pavel Grudinin is not found in itself forces to directly admit to his becoming the presidential candidates from the Communist party, I was the usual successful capitalist modern Russian bottling, making money here and keeping them there. Instead, the audience was thrown a pile of confusing and contradictory information about the treatment of relatives, about the Bank, which without his knowledge had revealed to him a further account, and other other. All this left the impression of slight awkwardness — awkwardness and insincerity. When a politician claiming to be a moral leader, suddenly starts to wriggle and fuss, it definitely does not make him any authority or political weight.

If now the Communist party launched a noisy propaganda campaign on the theme “we defame, we hurt, we diskreditiert!” is a subtle political move, the comrades of the Central Committee do the right thing. In Russia, like the persecuted. If Pavel Grudinin will be able to stake a claim for a image of a person, in which the firing power of all the guns, it will definitely play in his favor. But I was tormented by a vague suspicion: and suddenly Grudinin seriously do not understand that politics is a game where mistakes are not forgiven, and attacks from competitors is the norm?

To summarize all this you can probably the following. The main left political force of the country is in dire need of repairs. Instead, the Communist party is limited to purely cosmetic changes and changing signs.

The main left party of Russia needs a leader that is organically grown in their own ranks. Instead, the Communist party borrowed policies, nurtured the “United Russia” (it is on the list of this party Grudinin at the time he was elected to the Moscow regional Duma).

This, of course, does not mean that Paul Grudinin will definitely show a bad result in the upcoming presidential election. The result can be quite decent. Some experts do not rule out that the Communist candidate can “shoot like a Swan” and eventually land on some good position in the Federal or regional Executive bodies.

From this it follows that the left movement in Russia is still in deep political impasse. The impasse, which earlier bore the name of Gennady Zyuganov, and is now well known as the dead end name Grudinina.

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