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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Secret texts: the arrest of a security guard Berezovsky is Ukrainian trail

It has long been the name of Sergei Sokolov, the security guard Berezovsky was not related to the deceased tycoon, the last few months about it speak only as about civil husband Dasha, Masticatione – Ukrainian champion in taekwando, which in August last year, was kidnapped in Dnipropetrovsk, where he came to visit my mom and little son, members of “Right sector”, badly beaten, drugged, and then transferred to SBU.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

She was accused that she allegedly recruited in Ukraine, former members of the ATU to transport them to Russia for training we have terrorist attacks. Now almost in the same accusing and Sokolov. He along with a group of friends could plan terrorist acts on the territory of Russia.

Amazingly, in this case, the SBU and the FSB presented a United front. Why?

Who crossed the road Sergei Sokolov? Some fatal information he possessed and was going to use to save the woman?

“Merry Christmas, Sergey, I send you a Christmas angel. How’s Dasha?” – I wrote to him on 7 January.

“She has no one believes. And I stopped believing. I myself have anyone. All these … (Ukrainian, Donetsk and Russian names)… One lie”.

“I see no way out. Cause shit” is his last message to me.

I know he rushed for help to the people of our state. Raised all the old ties since the days of “Birch”. He promised to help. Again promised, again and again… But nothing happened. The exchange of prisoners ended, Dashi was not in the list, however, there are many who were not, I told him. “Maybe it’s for the best? You see, half of those who wanted to trade, got lost somewhere, and the next time of its release required”. He agreed, but probably for the best.

At night he sent me a farewell Dasini notes from prison, transferred in a roundabout way, apologising that she just can’t sleep, sitting and crying. And don’t know what to do. He wasn’t afraid to admit it, my weakness and impotence. And did not require sympathy. Just didn’t want to be alone.

Save Masticates could miracle. Too many Sergei crossed the road, her arrest and further torture, without trial, was placed in a psychiatric hospital, then returned to jail, tried to persuade him to cooperate with the SBU in exchange for his freedom, it was only a consequence of his actions.

Generally falcons could easily go into anything. He is just phenomenal as found trouble, and a unique information that is interesting for many and for many threat. For that can kill.

Dasha was arrested soon after he began to expose, a powerful clan, or rather, organized crime groups, “Dnepropetrovsk”, which is now held in the hands of almost all of Ukraine. Sergei Sokolov argued that the case of the Dasha, Masticatione was fabricated in retaliation for his investigation about the links of the Ukrainian security services with these organized crime groups. Ukrainian security forces allegedly demanded ransom for the wife of one million dollars.

That kind of money. But, sure enough, there was information that he could try to sell. For her it might have been…

What kind of information? How she got it and who was affected? For example, two years ago he toyed with the evidence, who is responsible for the fall of the Malaysian Boeing over the DNI. So sensational that no one dare then to publish.

Then he told me that in his hand was an electronic part of a secret confidential correspondence between senior officials of the Ukrainian state and equal to them by the Russians. All the letters were written shortly before the war.

Recipients much to blackmail you any. The bigwigs, media persons, representatives of the youth Patriotic movement.

Those who swear in front of the camera allegiance to the “party politics” openly discussed how to organize in our country, the Maidan, to raise the youth on the barricades, exactly how much it will cost. The fact that letters have different authors and they are not a blueprint, it was evident at once — the manner of presentation, the style.

“To my knowledge, on Ukrainian servers were physically segments for mutual communications of senior officials of the United States, Europe, Ukraine and Russia to each other, – said Sergey. – Often the meaning and the vector of these secret messages was radically different from what politicians usually voiced in public. Moreover, many of these politicians, it turns out, are playing their own game, independent of their direct managers, i.e. presidents. Of these letters suggests that even very high-ranking officials from Russia, are not fans of the current policy. And conversely, that Ukrainian politicians allegedly cursing Moscow, in fact not averse to agree with her”.

Many files were password protected and their meanings had yet. “Of course, as soon as I become aware of these letters about the planned crime, terrorist act or treason, I’ll report it where you want. I’m a patriot”, – promised the falcons.

Two years ago, he didn’t know how he can use this information. But just in case saved them for afterwards.

It is possible that now is the time. So, anyway, he thought – and lost.


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