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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Psychologists know, people do violent computer games

Experts from York University conducted a study to understand whether realistic games with scenes of violence makes people aggressive. According to the scientists conducted their experiment, though not the most direct way, speaks in favor of groundlessness of such fears.

photo: pixabay.com

Among the people invited to participate in the study, according to experts, was how people who think computer games are a hobby, and those who never was interested. Specifically for the experiment team has created two games, one of which the player had to drive the car, dodging trucks, and the other — playing for a mouse fleeing from a cat. First, the participants were asked to learn one of these games, and then they had to answer questions at the same time looking at the different pictures.

The assumption of the experts was that if the subjects of computer games somehow affects a person’s thinking, they should have been brighter to respond to photos, “appropriate” their computer game pictures of cars in the first case, and cats or mice in the second. However, the speed of response to the questions of the participants did not change if they saw the pictures on the “right” topic. According to scientists, this suggests that games have no influence on mentality of person, and accordingly, the scenes of violence on the computer screen should not make a person more aggressive.

The study was published in the journal Entertainment Computing.

The influence of computer games on people dedicated a lot of research. According to one such work, the fascination with the shooters, that is “shooter” first-person may beneficially influence the reaction speed and episodic memory, but in old age the appropriate changes they can cause memory loss long-term. And recently, experts have found that at times good results in a multiplayer online game genre MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena “multiplayer online battle arena”) can be indicative of high human intelligence.

Less than a month ago it became known that the world health organization plans to officially recognize the dependence of computer games a mental disorder and to include it in the list. However, not all scientists believe it was the right decision. For example, experts from Cardiff University in the UK tend to believe that the fascination with computer games does not equate to such phenomena as alcoholism. Scientists conducted the study said that gamers often see their hobby a way to escape from the problems of the real world, and if their Outlook on life or life itself are changing, many of them from computer games easily refused, even if in the past give them too much time. If dependence is “real,” to fight it would have been much harder, found the researchers.

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