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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“Mental disorders”: the doctor spoke about the health status of the trump

71-year-old President of the U.S. excellent condition. To this conclusion came the White house doctor Ronny Jackson after the study. However, the doctor thinks that the weight of Donald trump higher than normal and advised him to lose 10-15 pounds. But it has been a “remarkably good” condition of the cardiovascular system. According to the doctor, the head of state asked to assess his mental capacity. After spending related studies, Jackson no problems identified.

photo: kremlin.ru

The attending physician of US President Donald trump Roni Jackson reported in detail on the state of health of the President. With this aim, the White house convened a briefing for journalists, during which Jackson announced his main conclusion: Donald trump is completely healthy. Both physically and mentally.

“He has a good performance and overall good health. Most likely, it will remain so during the entire term of his presidency,” said the doctor. However, according to him, the leader of the nation is to increase daily physical activity to shed a few pounds.

It is known that Donald trump doesn’t like to play sports, except Golf. He never drank nor smoked, but “likes to wash down a Burger with a coke”. With all this health 71-year-old President’s “wonderful”, he’s got a great cardiopoietic.

It is associated with the strongest genetics trump, says the doctor, and one of them noticed the peculiarity of the President. According to Jackson, every morning, the White house gets up and starts the day “from scratch”, completely switching from the worries and stress of the previous day to a new life segment.

“I never saw that he was exposed to too much anxiety… it has a very unique ability to just get up in the morning and reloaded… and it just starts a new day. Overall, I think it helps him cope with the stress level”, — quotes the words of Jackson RIA Novosti.

The doctor answered the questions of journalists about the President’s health more than an hour, and half of that time was spent focused on his mental state.

Jackson rejected any hints of possible deviations of the head of state. Doctor trump said that the President personally insisted on the survey of mental abilities. In the end, the patient “extremely well” was screened, absolutely no mental disorders have not been identified, said the doctor.


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