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Friday, February 16, 2018

Love scandal at the headquarters Sobchak has acquired domestic details

The young man spoke about the “violent” collecting signatures for Sobchak, and the girl accused him of drunkenness and brought suffering. A failed love story unexpectedly backfired Ksenia Anatolievna, in the Chuvash whose campaign headquarters was. Yesterday we talked to the political analyst Yuri Sidorov, and today — with his ex-girlfriend Darya Komarova, head of headquarters of presidential candidate Sobchak in the Chuvash Republic.

A lawyer and a political technologist Yuri Sidorov, who worked in the campaign headquarters in Chuvash Republic, told the media that he has information about irregularities in the collection of signatures for Ksenia Sobchak in the Chuvash Republic. In his opinion, the collection was carried out according to the order from the top, namely at the direction of the head of the Republic Mikhail Ignatyev.

Yesterday we talked with Mr. Sidorov, who during the conversation admitted that he was a little drunk, and today — with his ex-girlfriend Daria Komarova.

Darya, what really happened between you and Yuri Sidorov?

– To work in the election campaign of Xenia anatolevny Sobchak in the Chuvash Republic, I was really attracted by Yury Sidorov, a lawyer of the project “open right” of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. I’m grateful for it. Yes, I am his former girlfriend, for two years we lived together. And I can say that Yura has a drinking problem, he’s in this state does not control their actions. Suffer from it not only I, but also his mother, ex-wife, the people with whom he crossed paths at work.

– This affected his work?

– The campaign began on December 27, 2017, and people are initially reluctant to sign. It is clear, new year’s holidays. We collected 7-10 signatures a day. January 7, Yura began to fail again, we had a fight on personal grounds, then it turned into a work dispute, discord began about how we need to conduct election campaign. And ended with words from the “woman, your place is in the kitchen.” He left our headquarters, then I know, again, was alcohol, and he left the Chuvash Republic in Bashkiria to son.

Our staff are left without legal support, but we survived. Increased the number of signature collectors in 2 times, up to 72 people. People first came to us reluctantly because they see what he’s like. After all, when a drinker does not drink for a long time, it affects his restraint. The Jura was, in my opinion, very emotional, frustrated people. Many didn’t like it.

– What can you say about his accusations of administrative resource?

– Supposedly personally Mikhail Ignatyev and Yuriy Egorovich Vasiliev (Deputy Chairman of the government of Chuvash Republic – “MK”) helped us collect signatures? This is just ridiculous! The fact that the predictions of the Jura as a consultant that we can’t handle, did not materialize. We on January 15, 2586 gathered signatures to fulfill the plan. Yura, of course, offended, and can say anything you want. But neither Yuri nor Egorovich Vasiliev Mikhail Ignatiev to our work have no relationship.

But above all, Yuri Sidorov offended me as a girl he brought to the headquarters of Xenia anatolevny and that he was shown the door for his drinking. It seems to me, can’t forgive and all hook writes all in a row, that will remove me from office and stand in my place.

If there was any pressure, and our collectors would know about it. Yura said that one of the collectors he allegedly called and said that you use the administrative resource. But who are these people? Where are they? Why Jura does not provide us with them? I only believe in evidence, not the drunken delirium of the offended person. And the evidence can not be, because it’s not true.

– Like Xenia Sobchak has reacted to this story?

January 16 we discussed this subject and she made it very clear that this kind of provocation, we should be ready. Anybody can come to our headquarters and look at the petitions (in addition to passport data, of course). None of the presidential candidates shows their petitions, we can boast of its openness.


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