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Friday, April 20, 2018

In Madagascar discovered a new species of lemur

A group of zoologists representing the state University of new York SUNY, found in South-Eastern Madagascar new species of lemurs, dubbed Cheirogaleus crossleyi. It can be found in two national parks on the island. In favor of the fact that none of the more than hundred existing types of the studied specimens do not belong, according to the results of the genetic analysis of animals.

photo: social networks

Outdoor species is named in honour of British and Australian primatologist Colin groves. The hair on the back, limbs and head Cheirogaleus grovesi has a reddish-brown color, and its large eyes are surrounded by black with a brown hue ring. These animals are nocturnal and most of the time in the trees. They often live in groups, but meet among them and singles.

One of the features of the new species are small, even for dwarf lemurs, sizes — adult individuals of Cheirogaleus grovesi body length reaches 17 cm, tail 28 cm, and weighs about 450 grams. Thus, these animals are somewhat smaller than ordinary protein that are found in Russia.

According to the researchers, their findings that people still do not know about the variety of representatives of the same biological unit, as they are primates.

Experts have described the discovery in the pages of scientific publications Primate Conservation.

Although the lemurs and are primates, they are quite distant relatives to us because we belong to the suborder of wet-nosed, while human beings and apes — to the suborder of wet-nosed. Lemurs of all known species are found primarily on Madagascar, and many of them are under threat of extinction primarily due to cutting down of forests on the island. Also, lemurs are sometimes hunted by local residents, and scientists is still unknown whether this is a newly open view.

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