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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Forcing subordinates in the Epiphany ice-hole, the head of the Yaroslavl mind the feelings of believers

The mayor of Yaroslavl Vladimir Sleptsov intend to do for their subordinates mandatory Epiphany bathing in the hole, he said this at a citywide meeting. Rate the style of speech: “Asked in the event all chapters to participate, said Sleptsov. — I mean in the font. You show an example to all, as well as deputies. You Orthodox people, therefore, need to lead by example. In this regard, please provide, I’ll try it.”

photo: pixabay.com

The mayor illustrated the bad trend, which is that some local potentates today confuse the Church with the ideological Department of the CPSU Central Committee and trying to use it as an instrument of his power, at least over subordinates.

Fortunately, such examples are units, but they are there, so the mayor of Yaroslavl it is difficult to praise the originality. A few years ago, the now former head of Sergiev Posad, one of the most corrupt cities in the Moscow region, set the rule to begin meeting in the administration with prayer and introduced the “Orthodox dress code” for employees of city hall – no pants. From the city were expelled rock festivals and other youth holidays, and when it came to the closure of the only in Sergiev Posad professional theatre, the public rebelled.

Such overbearing nonsense I put on a par with public seizures anyone not blessed with zealots, like those who staged the psycho show with arson in protest against the screening of the film “Matilda”.

Or older at the time of the massacre in the Arena, immediately convicted by the Chairman of the information Department of the Moscow Patriarchate Vladimir Legoyda, who wrote on his page in the network Facebook: “If the “Orthodox activists” ever will understand that it is impossible to operate by the “punk prayer”, they will probably become less active. But more Orthodox”. The last phrase is key, she very clearly describes the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church to the performances of their uninvited defenders.

How many in Russia the Orthodox? According to various polls, the Orthodox consider themselves the order of 70-80% of Russian citizens. The vast majority connect their religious identity with national, that is nonsense.

I am one of those 7-10% of Russians who regularly attend Church, confess, take communion, observe fasts and celebrate Church holidays. I make no secret, therefore, when the zealots have another psychiatric show, it makes me uncomfortable: what if the friends who know me well enough will think I’m insane? The adherents I didn’t ask for this, I’m not familiar with them, and I can only say that the members of suburban temple that I visit, they don’t applaud.

They applaud most other people. In modern Russia there is the controversial sect ideological haters of the Church, showing frenzied activity for any reason. I have friends from this camp, they will never accept the fact that more than a quarter of a century ago, believers equated to them in rights, depriving a monopoly on the truth. They see the twilight of clericalism in the fact that Russian believers today do not shoot hundreds at Butovo, as in the 1930-ies, and do not establish restrictions on trade, as in the 1970s. order of the mayor of Yaroslavl on the mandatory bathing on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, they rejoice as the puppy the ball. By the way, why the mayor made it obligatory Epiphany bathing only for the subordinates, not for all citizens?

Over his overbearing idiocy can continue to sneer, but admittedly, not in the camp of believers, and in the ranks of the militant godless can meet the most sparkling of madmen. Their informal movement emerged right after atheism ceased to be the official religion of the country. The degree of insanity is such that even the most ideological fundamentalists should not compete.

Comes to mind one of the first actions of the post-Soviet antichrists. It was a long time ago, at the site where it was planned the construction of the Temple of Christ the Savior, the radical actionist (who he is in order here to mention his name?) arranged a photo exhibition depicting acts of bestiality and entertained the audience in public Masturbation.

We may recall the exhibition “Caution, religion” – icon frames, decorated with sausages and other creative finds, illustrating the observation that arrange artists and actionist is not always relevant to the art.

And, of course, the world-famous “punk prayer” in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. I was strongly opposed to young hunveibins received prison sentences and international laurels of the martyrs for atheism. However, it is worth remembering that shortly before the assault in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the leader of the group posted on the Internet video group sex in the Zoological Museum, where she participated in the last months of pregnancy.

The mayor of Yaroslavl this girl did not catch up. However, it would be incorrect to assume that the walls of the Church are the filter through which the outside world seeps crazy and overbearing stupidity.

It seems to me that cooling is administrative-the metaphysical impulse of the mayor of Yaroslavl has the local clergy.

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