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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feigin: headquarters Sobchak threatening employees with fines, concealing the cooperation with the authorities

Lawyer mark Feigin in his Twitter has published, as he claims, a page from the agreement concluded with the employees of the campaign offices of Ksenia Sobchak in the regions. The document says the fine of 5 million rubles in case of violation disclosure of any information about the work of the staff.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“The receiving party (i.e. the employee of a staff — ed.) shall not disclose confidential information to third parties without the consent of the Disclosing party. <…> In respect of any confidential information provided by the Disclosing party, the Receiving party shall maintain the confidentiality of a reasonable and adequate manner as if such confidential information was owned by the Host side.” In the case of violation of these conditions and the penalty: “…the Receiving party shall be liable at the discretion of the Disclosing party: (i) the amount of actual damages caused to the Disclosing party; (ii) a fine in the amount of 5 000 000 (five million)”.

“I have a rhetorical question: have to hide the price of 5 million rubles?” asked on Twitter Feigin.

The press-Secretary of the headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak, Alexander Belanovsky did not comment on the publication: “Confidential documents, contracts and non-disclosure agreements — this is our internal documents, and such matters we are unable to comment.” To confirm or deny the veracity of the document * l did not.

Feygin explained to us that the document he was handed officer staff of Sobchak in one of the cities: “Just there, they collected signatures through the Department of housing and urban, and, therefore, he is a former official, he was attracted to control this fee. When this is all over, I will call this man and the city. This document is a standard disc. The contract I have a whole page signed. I showed this page to demonstrate that not all of it clean. The conclusion is the same, from my personal point of view, not as a lawyer, I believe that primarily we are talking about information about communication with local officials, local administrations, that’s about it, trying to hide the information in the headquarters Sobchak, not about where she got the money”.

Thus, according to counsel, require any member of staff disclosing the information, 5 million on the basis of such agreement is impossible: “It still must be done through the courts. It is impossible to deduct from the wages is still the issue of the trial. I think this point — the threat to keep people quiet about what is happening in the headquarters and how to gather signatures. I think there purpose is to warn, not so much to obtain money. It is clear that in such circumstances, the money to get a very difficult person, whose salary, at the headquarters, take 20 thousand roubles, as you with him $ 5 million get? To describe the property, the apartment, what to do with it?”

Director of the Moscow election campaign “United Democrats” Maxim Katz, repeatedly organize the work of election headquarters, commented as follows: “Those who work in the headquarters Sobchak, not saying that work there, they have all sorts of different challenges of this type. And that’s where so decided, apparently, to try to protect himself from leaks to the public, some of the conversations that they would not like to see conducted. In my opinion, it’s stupid,is an indicator of the distrust of his people and an indicator of the inability to organize such a team that can be trusted. And I think that this will not lead to any real anti-leakage: as we know, there are telegram-channel with all sorts of insiders (“Card Konik” — ed.), there are always some talk. You’ll never be able to make people silent by using some threats. Only work trust and a feeling that is a good thing”.

We will remind, last Tuesday, staff lawyer Sobchak in Chuvash Republic Yuri Sidorov, said that “the collection of signatures in Chuvash Republic was carried out with the assistance of the head of the Chuvash Republic M. V. Ignatiev” and called on Sobchak to abandon them. In response, they announced that Sidorov’s words are not true and due to personal conflict.

Sidorov himself has refused to comment on his vaginam document.

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