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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Donbas realities: Ukraine there is no connection, the travel ban

It seems that in Donetsk, after the holidays, conducted a reconnaissance – possible complete breakdown of relations with Ukraine? The self-proclaimed Donetsk sixth day is not mobile with the rest of Ukraine, and all public servants and state employees was suddenly forbidden to travel across the line of contact on the other side.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

January 11, on the front line somewhere between Elenovka and Clear the village was broken last fiber optic cable of Ukrainian mobile operator Vodafone, Donetsk and Lugansk remained without communication. Almost four years of war and expropriation of equipment is not the best impact on infrastructure – two mobile operator ceased its operation in the breakaway republics and on their equipment works created by the Ministry of pensions local operator “Phoenix”, third – “Vodafone” – by January of 2018 came up with only one cable “on the side” and a single rate for the “occupied territories” – with daily mandatory withdrawals and a price two times higher than for the Ukraine-controlled territories.

The new tariff and rates has caused outrage on both sides of the front line, but then someone dug another trench and… link did not at all!

Alexander Zakharchenko in a statement accused Kiev in “blockade” and threatened “to impose external control” on the mobile network. The Deputy Ukrainian Minister of the occupied territories, the George Tooke, in turn, accused the DNR in a hostile takeover of the equipment of the company. The company, which in the Donetsk and Luhansk could not last much time without agreement with the local authorities, which requests to allow the repairmen in the zone of fighting to the alleged break – in 16января this did not happen. The issue with the open mobile connection made at the Minsk talks on January 18.

The disruption caused a panic in Donetsk in the cold people stand for hours in queues for packets of the local mobile operator “Phoenix”, which is obviously unable to cope with the influx of new customers. And the Ministry of communications of the self-proclaimed Republic reports that has achieved the ability calls the “Phoenix” on the phone “Vodafone”, only the service is 10 cents per minute. With the Ukrainian Donetsk suggest phone calls using special numbers in Rostov-on-don at international rates.

Now people use all the opportunities to learn about the health of their elderly and to contact relatives “on the side”. The elderly usually do not use the Internet.

“I have a friend in the “Classmates”, tell her she goes to my town and say Hello from me, explaining why she can’t call!” – so described the “MK” features of the new reality Tatiana from Kiev. It is worth noting that the social network “Odnoklassniki” and “Vkontakte”, which are most often used in Donetsk on Ukrainian territory under the ban and Tatiana in the 52 years I had to learn to use special programs to bypass obstacles.

At the time of the disconnection is 15 Jan the official website of Alexander Zaharchenko suddenly issued a decree a month ago “a temporary ban On travel to the territory of Ukraine of public sector employees DND”. On the website of the Ministry of state security DNR explained that the decree caused by the mass recruitment of Ukrainian security services “employees of enterprises, institutions, organizations of state and municipal forms of ownership”. That is, under the new ban doctors, teachers, workers and everyone who receives wages from the budget, and hundreds of thousands of people. Now they have to work, take the recognizance not to leave, the lists promise to pull at the border check points of the documents, the MVD and MGB.

The war in the Donbass is a very special regional conflict. In any other past war of trenches, strong points and minefields did not go through the front line by 30 thousand people per day. January 11, the Ukrainian Ministry for the occupied territories has announced a new record – 11 million 331 thousand people crossed the line of contact in 2017. Summer was an absolute monthly record of 1 million 118 thousand people passed through the checkpoints in August. To understand the scale of the phenomenon – the statistical office of the DNI and LC determine its own population figure of 3.7 million people, UN – 2.8 million

Now the flow of people to the territory controlled by Ukraine back and will try to minimize.

The Ukrainian crisis. Chronicle of events

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