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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Declassified report on Soviet mission to the moon

16 January 1973 began to operate the remote control system of the Soviet “Lunokhod-2”, the day before, made a soft landing on the surface of the satellite. 45 years after the Rover, delivered by the automatic station “Luna-21”, began work, the mission report has been declassified and posted online.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Spacesuit “Krechet” for Soviet lunar expeditions.

“Luna-21” self-propelled apparatus “Lunokhod-2” was sent into space January 8, 1973, on the flight path to the moon they brought the carrier rocket “proton-K/D”. January 12, 1973, the station “Luna-21” was launched into orbit around the moon, and January 15, 1973, the station “Luna-21” made a soft landing on the moon on the Eastern edge of the Sea of Clarity, inside the crater Lemonnier. During operation, the planetary Rover overcame 42 kilometres over four decades, this result remains unsurpassed, and only in 2015, the record was broken by working on the Mars Rover “opportunity”. “Lunokhod-2” was transmitted to Earth 86 panoramas and about 80 000 frames telephoto — including those taken with video cameras, first installed at the height of human growth.

From the report, you can learn more about the problems faced by Soviet specialists during the development phase of the research apparatus or directly during the mission — in particular, the fact that the 503rd session the temperature inside the unit rises to 43-47 degrees, and then again to communicate with a mobile station specialists more failed. Although this occurred on 10 may 1973, officially, the machine stopped almost a month later, on June 4, 1973.

It is assumed that the overheating was caused by the fact that when you try to get out of a lunar crater on soft ground a certain amount of this ground came to the surface of the device, becoming a sort of insulator.

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