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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Biography Brigitte Makron: the President of France wrote about her erotic novel

France has published the first biographical book about Brigitte macron, the wife of the President of the Republic. The most piquant part of it — the mention of the fact that Emmanuel macron while still a schoolboy, wrote an erotica novel, the characters of which are easily guessed himself and his teacher and future wife, Brigitte.

Photo: Presidencia de la República Mexicana.

Confirmed and has long expressed suspicions that the President’s wife is the real Eminence Grise of French politics. According to the book, it’s still during the work of Emmanuel to the post of Minister of economy acted as his adviser and even attended the state meetings.

The author is the journalist of the edition Closer Brun Mael ‘ — titled his work “Brigitte macron, liberated.” The first biography of the wife of the President was written based on the testimonies of people who somehow had to do with me or her husband. Contributed to the creation of a biography and a neighbor of Makron, who worked as a typist. According to her, one 16-year-old Emmanuel asked her to reprint his 300-page manuscript. “It was a pretty straightforward affair, even a bit obscene, she said. Names were of course changed, but I think he wanted to Express what I felt at that time”. Unfortunately, the copy of the novel from the woman has not survived. After all, she didn’t know that the author once going to be President.

At the provincial Amiens, where they lived Emmanuel and Brigitte, had already been rumors about the connection Trone married (maiden name of Madame macron) with her student who was younger than her 24 years. As recognized by the first lady of France in an interview with Elle magazine, relationship with Emmanuel grew into something more when they worked together on the staging of Eduardo De Filippo’s “Art of Comedy”. Because of this, the Makron had to finish school in Paris: against the relationship with the teacher was made by the parents of the future President, and sent him away from the object of passion. Initially resisted her feelings and herself Brigitte. According to her, she didn’t want rumors about her have damaged her three children.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel macron was not the first French politician who decided to try themselves in the field of erotic literature. In 2009, the former President of the Republic valéry Giscard d’estaing published a juicy book in the heroes guessed himself and Princess Diana. In 2011, the future Prime Minister Edouard Philippe acted as co-author of the erotic Thriller “In the shadows”, and the head of the Ministry of economy Bruno Le Mer was presented to the audience the novel “Minister” about what happened between the Minister and his wife during a trip to Venice.

Biography Brigitte Makron is and other interesting incidents from her life. For example, that a teacher of French and literature — this is not her first profession. In 1982 she became the press representative of the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. “This work, which lasted two years, apparently, she liked it, though it was not her vocation,” writes journalist Brun Mael’. With this statement is debatable, because after the marriage with Macron Brigitte began to take an active part in professional activities, including largely become the Creator of his image. She taught him to stand on the stage (not for nothing at school she led the drama club, who visited the macron), speeches and even gave advice on the selection of the costume.

The wife of Macron has always been an efficient employee of his office, it is stated in the book. Having received a post of the Minister of economy, at the Ministerial meetings, he always kept a free chair to my right for Brigitte. “If she did not intervene in economic issues, she’s always followed everyone else and attended strategic meetings,” writes Brun. Of course, colleagues of the Makron was surprised that his wife actually works as a full-fledged adviser. But all unhappy he replied that his wife does not receive monetary reward for it, so no question of nepotism here.

During the presidential campaign, Madame macron has maintained its role, and, as many believe, made an important contribution to the victory of her husband in the election. By the way, she was involved in politics, when Emmanuelle was still a child! In 1989, he moved to the city Truchtersheim near Strasbourg, she participated in municipal elections from the movement “Truchtersheim tomorrow,” promised the opening of the city’s skate Park and oversight of rents for housing for young families. The first experience was unsuccessful, despite the remarkable energy that Tronie showed in the fight for the election to municipal authorities. How to remember the residents Truchtersheim, educated and too “elitist” Brigitte didn’t look “their” in the predominantly rural region.

History has given her a chance to recoup. Now she “own” nearly all of France to share not only the popularity of her husband, but also, apparently, some of his duties.

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The most interesting day in the “MK” in one evening newsletter: subscribe to our channel in the Telegram


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