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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ukraine will take the vehicles only, together with Crimea or will take money

For the fourth day in the Ukraine can’t establish a formal position on the “gift” of the Russian President. We will remind, last week Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to return to Ukraine of its military equipment from the Crimea. Square first reaction was predictable: former Navy commander Sergey Gaiduk has named this offer is almost a provocation. “But we understand that they play without rules,” he said. According to him, Ukraine has no opportunity to renew the technical serviceability of these vehicles. But is it really? After all of the ships in 2014, the BSF was intended to include.

Agreement on the withdrawal of Ukrainian military equipment from Crimea was adopted in April 2014. Only the naval forces of Ukraine planned to return about 50 combat ships, which remained in the Crimea after joining the Peninsula to Russia. However, July 5, 2014, Russia suspended the transfer, citing the actions of the Ukrainian security forces in the East of Ukraine in order to prevent its use against the citizens of Russia. By the time of the ships and boats have been returned.

According to Ukrainian media, in the bays of Sevastopol at the moment is about 38 vessels that were part of the Ukrainian Navy. But not all of them afloat. The same submarine “Zaporozhye” long before 2014 was a heap of scrap metal. As noted in an interview with “MK” newspaper editor “the Navy” Anatoly Kuznetsov, the life of Ukrainian ships has long expired”. “There are ships in 3-4 grade, and during their use of the Ukrainian officials followed the technique improperly. The Ukrainian fleet was rather a sham and represented the ships, which are rooted anchors in the ground,” — said the expert. But even this non-working equipment the black sea fleet now serves.

In connection with the probable return of the ships raises another question: what will happen to the crews of the former Ukrainian courts? Andreevsky flag of the Russian Navy in March 2014 had raised 54 out of 67 ships of the Ukrainian Navy. Anatoly Kuznetsov recalled that 90% of the military personnel of the Ukrainian Navy has decided to change nationality to Russian after the referendum on status of Crimea. As a result, about 8 thousand former sameasyou now in Ukraine are considered deserters. It is clear that people together with vehicles nobody will not return. But whether the BSF to provide them with jobs? As it turned out, this problem is long gone. Russia has decided not to use a former Ukrainian military court. “There is no permanent crew, which would have serviced these vessels. Most of the soldiers lived on the territory of Crimea and has decided to remain part of Russia on the best terms,” — said Kuznetsov. According to him, the cost of Ukrainian fleet in Crimea equal to the price of scrap metal. “Soviet diesel engines were simple and strong, so I have no doubt that the ships can travel to Ukraine on their own. The price of these ships — the cost of self-propelled metal scrap”, — he stressed.

The opinion of the Ukrainian side about the state of their ships in Crimea is somewhat different from the point of view of Russian experts. The commander of naval forces of Ukraine Igor Voronchenko stated that virtually all equipment left in the Crimea, was repaired. “For the period of the annexation of Crimea eight warships are on the move there was only one large landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky”. There was in need of repair the main engines. That saying was rubbish, that’s not true,” he said. He has also previously recognized that the Ukrainian black sea fleet ships not used as intended: “They are separate, they have identified as a technique of a foreign state, but, according to our data, they exist as donors. Their resumelayout,” — said Voronchenko.

Now in connection with the proposal of Vladimir Putin to Ukraine saw another opportunity to “earn”. The idea of the commander of naval forces of Ukraine that Russia needs to demand either payment in cash or the return of the ships in this format, in which they were expressed before, now in the Square is very relevant. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman stated that the technique will take back only together with Crimea. So “goodwill gesture” as they called it, the offer of Vladimir Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, in the Square took familiar: give an inch, he’ll take a mile. In any case, in order for the return of the ships took place, the required direct negotiations between the Ministers of foreign Affairs and military ministries. The Ukrainian side is not ready yet.


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