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Monday, April 16, 2018

What was expected: what were the results of the examination of the President trump

“President Donald trump, our commander in chief, drinking diet coke, eating ice cream and bars of red meat. He sleeps only five hours a day. His physical activities are limited to walking with the stroller for the game of Golf”, describing the White house staff the viability of the cartridge. But this, of course, not a medical diagnosis.

photo: whitehouse.gov

Survey aesculapian trump, who is already 71 years old, suffered last Friday. It was his first comprehensive medical examination after he became President of the United States. Before that, doctors trump (2016) claimed that he was “the healthiest person who ever was elected to the presidency”.

Since a sedentary lifestyle trump has affected his weight, which is evident even to the naked eye. More troubling is the public’s mental state trump, who describes himself as “very stable genius.”

Medical examination of the presidents have become a tradition since the days of President Jimmy Carter. However, no hard and legalized rules of this procedure exists, including public statements by doctors. So everything is dependent on the trump what to hide and what to declare about your health condition. However, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the eve of the examination stated that the doctor of the President will follow the example of doctors presidents Obama and Bush. They examination their senior patients, said “the city and the world” about their height, weight, and content of cholesterol. Doctor Bush reported, “this is a President sometimes smokes cigars that it “increases muscle mass”. “Muscle mass” especially increased from President Clinton.

However, the presidential medical examination, as a rule, showed only what he wanted presidents themselves. As wrote the historian of the American presidency Robert Dallek, such surveys “are of zero interest to the public”. Dallek questioned the sincerity of the White house. “He could hardly have informed that have found the surveyed doctors,” wrote Dallek. In a recent interview Dallek said, “whether doctors are sincere, if you find the President signs of dementia? Say about this President, and he is the public?”

Medical examination of trump is held, according to tradition, at the National military medical center Walter reed in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington area. He conducted his official White house physician, rear Admiral Ronnie Jackson. Jackson walked up to this examination of President Obama and took part in one of the surveys by President Bush.

Dr. Jackson became the personal physician of trump as soon as he crossed the threshold of the White house. He met with trump a large part of the past year and was accompanied by trump in his travels.

Historical experience suggests that the doctors of the White house concealed from the public disease of their patients. So was it common knowledge that President Roosevelt suffered from polio. But his high blood pressure very few people knew, and it led to the death of Roosevelt.

Trompowsky the White house did not disclose the names of medical specialists who examined the President, but previous presidents did not make any secret of it. As for tests, they appointed Dr. Jackson.

Trump suffers from indistinct pronunciation, but do not know its origin. That’s the neurology or speech pathology. Press Secretary of the White house gives a more innocent explanation. “Just the President sometimes throat dry. And nothing more,” she says.

The fascination with fast food (hamburgers, sausages, etc.) and a dissolute life, of course, affect the health of trump, but much more the audience interested in his mental state. But the White house was limited to silence, when the question arose — whether trump psychiatric examination during the annual medical examination or not?

In 1964, doctors adopted the so-called “Goldwater rule”. (Senator Goldwater was nominated as a presidential candidate from the Republican party). The Senator has a very strange behavior puts into question his mental health. However, the American psychiatric Association (APA) has forbidden its members to assess the mental abilities Goldwater without his personal inspection.

On the eve of presidential elections in 2016 and Trump, and Hillary Clinton were invited to undergo tests for mental ability. This was done in order to protect the country from a President who can get dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. (As happened with President Reagan). But both candidates are sabotaged by these tests.

“So, last Friday, January 12, President trump has been subjected to a medical examination. Doctors, as expected, announced the health of the President “brilliant”.

“Physical examination of the President at the National military medical center Walter information about went surprisingly well — reported to the White house physician, rear Admiral Ronnie Jackson. — The President is in excellent health.” (Which is required).

However, the optimistic doctor’s statement of rear Admiral did not contain any information even about such basic characteristics as weight of the President, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The doctors never even hinted what test they put trump or medications. However the White house promised that information will be released Tuesday during a press conference which will be held by Ms. Sanders, along with Dr. Jackson.

According to the official report, will take another few days to complete tests. (The trump immediately flew to Florida, to palm beach in his “winter White house” Mar-a-Lago).

At the moment it remains unknown, did the doctors tests for mental abilities trump, cognitive, and neurological experiences or not? (Question about the mental abilities trump has arisen in connection with the publication of the book Wulffe, which are the statements of his closest associates, allegedly questioning his ability).

Not reported, was subjected to Lee’s trump tests on the simulator to determine cardiac activity.

Before the election of 2016, then the personal physician of trump Dr. Harold Bornstein made the following statement: “If Mr. trump is elected, he will become the most healthy individual, ever elected President.” According to Dr. Bornstein, “a full medical examination gave positive results. Blood pressure and other laboratory tests were surprisingly shiny.” In an interview with the newspaper “new York times” Dr. Bornstein reported that trump taking a small dose of finasteride against alopecia. Current medic trump Dr. Jackson did not specify whether the President continues to take this drug. Judging by the intricate hair trump, chances are that continues.

So the question “Hau do you do, Mr. trump?” remained unanswered.


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