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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Solved the secret of the birds of Paradise with incredible black wings

The plumage of some birds of Paradise that live in Australia, absorbs light better than any natural material and are only slightly inferior to the blackest substance ever invented by mankind. How figured out the experts of Yale University, the feathers on the wings of these creatures are very similar materials created by people with the use of nanotechnology.

photo: pixabay.com

The feathers of birds which used to call black people of Eurasia, upon closer inspection have a grey or bluish tint, and the individual feather may look silvery rather than black. At the same time, according to experts, the feathers of birds of Paradise absorb about 99.95 percent of the sunlight. For comparison, the black carbon absorbs only 96 percent of the light, and the black material on the Ground, Vantablack (vertically aligned nanotube arrays, vertically oriented arrays of nanotubes), — 99,965% of the incident radiation.

A study conducted by ornithologists showed that only the upper part of the feathers is almost completely black. This is due to the fact that boroditsky and hooks in feathers of birds of Paradise located a particular angle and the light falling on the feathers, is not reflected, and enters the emptiness inside them.

Experts suggest that the material having the structure of the feathers of birds of Paradise, could find many applications, as produce it should theoretically be easier than human-engineered nanomaterials. To date, almost perfectly black substance used in the creation of camouflage systems image sensor telescopes, and so on.

Evolution, however, intended incredibly dark feathers for a less intricate task — as suggested by experts, on the background of a deep black color more bright elements of the plumage to better catch the eye that allows males to more effectively attract the attention of females, and therefore leave more offspring. On some recordings it is evident that during the mating dance the males of birds of Paradise resemble a black semicircle with spots of mesmerizing colors. It is known that sexual selection is in many respects predetermined the appearance inhabiting the Earth of living creatures, and in the case of birds this is often particularly noticeable.

The scientific article scientists was published in Nature Communications.

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