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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Putin, DJ Moby and a terrible secret CIA

Unknown minor official twice pressed the wrong key on the computer and the state of Hawaii with a population of almost half a million people plunged into a state of terrible panic. On a mobile phone every local resident received an official warning of an imminent nuclear missile attack on the Hawaiian Islands. In 38 minutes dumbfounded by the act of his colleague officials were able to cancel the alarm state. But so far it did not happen on an island Paradise was going hell. Who rushed up to the hill. Someone stopped their car in a deep underground tunnel, blocking thereby the movement on the highway. Someone realized that will not have time to get or to any shelter and was counting the last moments of his life.

photo: kremlin.ru

All the bad things in life in the Western world in America, now accepted without hesitation “hang” on the “evil designs” of Vladimir Putin. But this time Russia and Putin, exceptionally, was officially and. Hawaii was frightened of nuclear attack by the young North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. However, what happened to the fabulous resort Islands, from my point of view, can still be seen as a perfect symbol of the current state of Russian-American relations. There is, however, one caveat: the American people sent a false signal of an impending attack by Russia so far no one has canceled.

Recently, well-known amerikanische DJ Moby gave an interview which is very interesting not only for fans of electronic music, but those who are trying to get to the real motive of political events. Answering questions from the radio station WFPK in Louisville in the state of Kentucky MOBI neojidanno have risedronate and told how in the beginning of last year his friends from among the “current and former CIA officers” poprosili to place it in social networks “reliable information” about the relations of Russia with Donald trump: “ They gave me some information and said, “ Look, in the social networks your audience more than any of us. Could you publish this information so that…how to give them there public.”

Recognition of MOBI you can, of course, be taken as a minor curiosity. And it actually would be so insignificant curiosity – if Moby was one. But a number of American cultural deiatelei, suddenly became “experts” in relations between Russia and the United States MOBI was only one of many. Recall the great actor Morgan Freeman, made in September last year following a surprise announcement: “ we are under attack. We are at war…Our President must tell us the truth. It needs to sit behind the Desk in the oval office and telling: “My fellow Americans, during the election we were attacked by the Russian state…” Join the battle. Join the Committee then investigate Russia. Here is the link to the site. Like us on Facebook!”

I certainly can not argue that this, to put it mildly, extravagant statement Morgan Freeman asked “friends are former and current employees of the CIA.” But after the recognition of MOBI the idea that the internal mechanism of the speech of the great actor were very similar, inevitably comes to mind. It becomes clear why a year ago, the timid attempts of the newborn administration trump to build bridges with Russia was so quickly, efficiently and brutally suppressed. The thing is that at the junction of the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 against the foggy plans of the new President to change things for the better relations with Moscow were not only political rivals trump and liberal American journalists.

United front against them for official and unofficial were made by U.S. intelligence agencies. Are the secret services that are using basic two-way combinations were lured into a cunning trap by the then chief handler of trump with Russia – the future of assistant to the President for national security Michael Flynn. That looked like the design of this trap. At the end of the 18th century due to trade disputes, the United States was on the brink of war with France. Or you could even say beyond: meeting each other in a sea of American and French ships engage each other in fierce battles. The attempt sent to Paris three official representatives of the President of the United States John Adams to find a compromise with France were unsuccessful. And then in the diplomatic game on its own initiative, entered a rich farmer from Pennsylvania George Logan.

Logan went to Paris and managed to get an audience and top leaders of France. Logan is not pretending to be someone else and spoke directly to his interlocutors that he is acting as a private individual and an ordinary citizen of the United States. However, the arguments of George Logan in favor of improving relations between the two countries was so convincing that after conversations with him, the French government repealed the embargo on trade with the United States and released from prison languishing in them American sailors. It is possible to reduce the intensity in the relations of the two powers. But the gratitude of the house of George Logan received. Instead, Congress adopted a special the Logan act, forbidding private individuals to enter into diplomatic relations with foreign powers.

Since pinata this law in 1799, in his framework was not punished no one, including the Logan. Like many other American legislation the law of Logan, formally continued to operate, but in fact is not applied. In the modern era’s closest associates all newly elected U.S. presidents could fear communicated with the representatives of foreign powers up to the official introduction of the chief in the position. The same thing was done, and ally elected President General Michael Flynn, joining on the direct orders trump into contact with the then Russian Ambassador. But Flynn did not realize that the attitude of the new administration the usual American norms and rules do not apply. First, the politically inexperienced General scared by the possibility of charges against him, in violation of the Logan act. And when Flynn “took the bait” and was not honest with his interrogators, FBI agents, he was accused of really serious accusation: lying to employees, Federal law enforcement agencies.

Why I described this, it would seem, has ozvuchival story? Because brilliantly illustrates the scale of the current problems of Russian-American relations. The opponents of detente between Moscow and Washington from U.S. government agencies willing to go to any – even the most exotic – trick for blocking such discharge. And since these people are the real American managerial instruments, the chances that their exotic ploy will work are approaching nearly 100%.

After talking with the new U.S. Ambassador in Moscow John Huntsman, the new Russian Ambassador in Washington, Alexander Antonov was very pleased: “ I think Huntsman is smart, sensible professional. The meeting was good the meeting was constructive. I assess positively the attitude of the Huntsman on the development of Russian-American relations…We will work together to restore a relationship…unfortunately, it was recognized that suddenly, unfortunately it can’t be done”. In the above-quoted statement, “ our man in Washington” the key, unfortunately, you should consider the last phrase. To cancel a false signal about the “ imminent Russian attack” nobody in America is not going to.


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