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Friday, April 13, 2018

Internet users puzzled video with alligators living in the ice

The Internet is gaining popularity rather unusual video made in the U.S. state of North Carolina in the Park called Shallotte River Swamp Park. On the video you can see the noses of crocodiles, sticking up from the frozen marshes. At first glance, rather difficult to assume that animals are alive, but the author of the video notes that this is typical for this species the method of “hibernation”.

photo: a frame from the video

As explained in the video, the state which overcomes the alligators, somewhat like hibernation, although in many respects different from it. In the cold crocodiles saved by the fact that they are not warm-blooded animals, so their body is cooled together with the environment, and all of the processes in the body slow down. This allows alligators to spend a cold winter without moving and without food, and then continue to live with the onset of warm days. With the onset of cold weather, the gators feel that the water will soon freeze and raise the mouth above the water to freeze in that position, continuing to have access to air.

Some authors of the comments to the video said that now they understand why crocodiles managed to almost not changed for 250 million years, having survived all cataclysms that have occurred on Earth during this period. Some Internet users, however, after watching there was a lot of questions — in particular what would happen if someone would come up to the frozen alligator. According to experts, the animal on it does not respond. By the way, a few years ago, the network had published another video showing how “passive” alligators in the frozen swamp.

From other members of the order of crocodiles alligators have a more broad snout, and also the fact that their eyes are located in the upper part of the body. In “normal” time alligators eat almost everything they can catch, including fish, insects, snails, turtles, small mammals, birds, and other reptiles. However, human alligators, unlike other crocodiles, almost not attacking because they do not consider it as potential prey.

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