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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stephen Hawking has predicted the transformation of the Earth in an uninhabited “second Venus”

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking expressed concern that due to the greenhouse effect the Earth in the next few centuries may repeat the fate of Venus. According to the scientist, as a result of global warming, the planet will warm up so that life will become unbearable, and mankind will have to find a new home.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Physicist, quoted by CNET, said that Venus in size, and many other features similar to Earth and to the Sun it is only slightly closer than Earth. Furthermore, he suggested that in the distant past, Venus was habitable and probably inhabited, but in its atmosphere the accumulated greenhouse gases, which planet was heated to 460 degrees centigrade and became unsuitable for life as we know it. If global warming continues, something similar awaits the Earth, suggested Hawking, adding that he would personally pay for a ticket to Venus every person that denies climate change.

Stephen Hawking often appears in the media not only as an outstanding physicist, but also as a supporter of a number of theories, some of which can seem almost conspiratorial. As possible scenarios “decline” of humanity, the scientist called, including, alien invasion or the appearance of artificial intelligence that people will not be able to compete. The only scenario that would allow mankind as a species to continue to exist, Hawking thinks the colonization of other planets in the Solar system and beyond.

However, it should be noted that on the background of many installed over the past years, temperature records most of the scientists believes global warming is much more real and urgent threat than the attack of aliens or robot uprising. Some experts even tend to believe that humanity will overcome, if not overcome, the “point of no return”, after which the process of climate change cannot be slowed down, even if we take all possible measures. However, not all believe that the consequences are so significant and rapid, as is predicted by Hawking.

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