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Saturday, March 17, 2018

In the United States have invented a “smart” shorts, allowing you to manage the house

An American company has developed high-tech underwear that allows people to monitor their own body and even to control what is happening around him. Reportedly, in the foreseeable future “smart” pants and buhgaltery becoming public.

photo: homecrack.com

Designed a fixture using a special sensor keeps track of movement, heart rate and body temperature, and it is also able to monitor the amount of subcutaneous fat and the adequate amount of moisture a body gets. The information collected is forwarded to the smartphone app. Moreover, with the help of this application, the system of “smart house” can adjust the temperature in the room, focusing on the body temperature of the person and also guess his mood, based on the received data, and to choose appropriate music.

According to developers, the fabric made of linen sewn up the sensors and other circuits, as well as a battery that can be disconnected and be charged wirelessly. Allegedly, linen works about the same principle that “smart” bracelets. According to the report, in the past also created shirt with similar features, however, the linen on the assumption of the creators, can deal with them more effectively.

In August last year, scientists of the Siberian Federal University (SFU) and the National research Tomsk Polytechnic University introduced the “smart” shoes. They contain a navigation system that determines the coordinates of the person in the magnetic field of the Earth. According to experts, equipped with MEMS sensors shoes determines the coordinates of the users are not worse than the GPS in the city, in the forest and even under the earth, and the navigation system does not depend on radio waves nor from the weather and requires no antennas. Distance travelled by the person is determined using a magnetometer – a magnetic field of the Earth — as well as accelerometers and gyroscopes. If you have information about the original location during testing, the error location does not exceed 2.5 percent.

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