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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ukraine on the brink of collapse

The European Union refused to transfer to Ukraine 600 million euros. The reason for the refusal of the next tranche was the failure of the four points of the 21 conditions for granting aid to Kiev. This lifting of the ban on the export of roundwood, the launch of automatic check of electronic declarations of officials, the adoption of the law on credit registry of the national Bank and the input mechanism to verify the information on beneficial owners of companies. One measure, which Kiev agreed in the EU require faster execution is the creation of an anti-corruption court.

photo: pixabay.com

The square has become a heavy burden on the neck of a United Europe, already experiencing a number of problems. Required EU reforms are twofold: on the one hand, they certainly increase the degree of transparency of incomes of officials and provide control for their enrichment, allowing users to find out violates the law, on the other hand – contribute to the enslavement of Ukraine and its transformation into a resource appendage of the West. Foreign exchange reserves of the country have already formed almost from one foreign loans. To get rid of the makeup from the IMF Kiev will not can, so that in future they, by and large, the reforms will, the only question is when and by whom they are held and how antisocial they are.

The participation of Polish reformers as advisers to the Ukrainians, we have seen for several years, and the practical result as there was no and no. This is due to the difference in roles which in the Soviet era played an “independent” Polish people’s Republic and the USSR in the Union. The Polish leaders in Moscow suspected of disloyalty, and often true: the country had the democratic underground, and he had to fight. Of course, political control was more comprehensive than Ukrainized Square, party elites which as much as said goodbye. If you do not tell is that Ukraine as a Union Republic had a special privileged position, especially in the era of Khrushchev, the indicator of which was the transfer of Crimea. But this forgiving attitude of the Kremlin towards Kiev with the Ukrainians played a grim joke – immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the socialist camp, Ukraine was one of the most corrupt and at the same time “free” republics, to make a political career which could even a dentist (it’s about Tyagnibok), not to mention the people are more “democratic” origin. At the same time arose the oligarchic clans that are closely knitted with groups of bureaucracy. The country has again become a real Sich: one chieftain pulled her to the Russian, the other to the poles, and the third for Russia. The crucial word said, the Soviet authorities nurtured by cultural nationalism, which has increased its influence through political pluralization. Now even the most rabid anti-Semites could participate in elections and to campaign. Internal conversion never became the number “one” for the Ukrainian society – its place in the minds of Ukrainians took internal and external enemies: the Communists, the Russian “Donetsk” supporters of federalization, the Hungarians. The functioning of the old system was broken, but the emergence of new never came.

The most important thing for Ukraine at the moment – an internal transformation, what war only hinders, since it diverts significant resources. But, unfortunately, that’s the whole plan of the leadership of the Ukrainian state – the distraction of the citizens armed conflict and the obstruction of reforms that would threaten clan interests. From this position, when a bunch of cons there is only one plus, and that the interim Ukrainian authorities push the possible onset of collapse of the Ukrainian statehood in the case of the launch of the anti-social reforms. Which is only one healthcare reform – the introduction of a “state guaranteed” package, which can result in the fact that the list of paid services in medical institutions will increase significantly. Ukrainian authorities, however, are already on the “hook” in Western financial institutions, with which to break without consequences is impossible.

It would be optimal for Ukraine, its citizens and neighbors to Kiev to stop the armed conflict in the Donbass, agreed to some agreement with Donetsk, and then focused on the reforms. It is also important that these reforms have not exacerbated the plight of the economy, but for this we must abandon liberal prescriptions and to resort to government intervention. Will this current regime, who even before the fight against corruption is not reached, not to mention the planning of economic development – I doubt very much.

But I hope that in Ukraine there are people who will read the text and understand me.

The Ukrainian crisis. Chronicle of events

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