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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The secret of sun protection found in the nails

The sticker on the nail, at first glance like a bright manicure, but in fact informing the owner about the dose of solar radiation received, was invented by the experts as one of the leading French cosmetic companies.

photo: loreal-dam-front-corp-us-cdn.brainsonic.com

In fact, centimeter the device is a sensor that gathers data about sunlight exposure and time spent beneath him her master. That’s just a direct alarm signal independently to send can not. In order to extract from him the information necessary to scan the sensor with your smartphone and then, thanks to a special app, the screen shows full information about the relationship of the owner with the sun: the residence time, the degree of danger of ultraviolet rays. After the program will give recommendations about whether or not to continue to be under the scorching rays or is it better to hide in the shadows, and not time to re-apply sunscreen. For the complete picture of smart system may prompt the owner data about the type and tone of his skin.

As commented head of research group, Giv, Baluch, the solar sensor is the first wearable electronic UV sensor without batteries. It is designed to be worn for two weeks or more, it can be peeled off from the nail and stick to another surface (for example, sneakers) with special attached to the device adhesive. Despite the very small size — up to 9 millimeters in diameter, the device can store a three-month history of man’s relationship with the star.

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