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Friday, March 23, 2018

The cemetery of the Ukrainian ships: why are they rusted in Sevastopol

After the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared its readiness to transfer to Kiev of its military equipment remaining in Crimea, the Ukrainian authorities erupted with accusations. In 2014, Ukraine has lost not only the Peninsula, but practically its entire fleet, as well as several battalions and divisions of armored vehicles and artillery. “MK” has found out, what happened to them after almost four years.

A frame from the video.

Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko accused Putin of trying to exchange the Peninsula for the ships. According to her, the Russian authorities first occupied and looted the Ukrainian territory, and now want to return to Kiev unnecessary leftovers.

In turn, the head of the banned in Russia of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis and the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Refat Chubarov said that Putin can not cease to humiliate Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Navy of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Igor Voronchenko said that in the Crimea there were 8 battle ships: large landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky”, whose engines Ukrainian sailors poured cement, corvettes “Ternopil”, “Dnieper” and “Khmelnitsky”, ship control “Slavutich”, two of the minesweeper “Cherkasy” and “Chernigov”, ASW Corvette “Lutsk”, the repair of which came to an end in 2014, and the only Ukrainian submarine “Zaporozhye” was renovated by 70%. In addition, the Peninsula remained the 2nd battalion of the BMP, 2 BTR battalion, and 7 battalions of artillery and 4 mortar batteries.

However, as told “MK” the people of Sevastopol at least Ukrainian ships today can only be used as targets for military exercises:

Eugene shulyat’ev, captain: “Personally I am against the transfer of ships to Ukraine. First, you need to spend a lot of money to fill them, pay the team, so they agreed for him to swim and so on. Secondly, these ships are likely to sink somewhere in the middle between Sevastopol and Odessa. Even in times of Ukraine by the courts, no one had, and in 2014 they did became useless. Don’t know whether their guard, but at sea they don’t come out… Just rusting at the pier. Do not be surprised if it turns out that Kiev does not want to take it back, as in modern Ukraine there is no money to repair them, nor the opportunity for recycling”

Andrew Nikulin, a resident of Sebastopol: “These ships have long mentally and most importantly physically obsolete. Because of our huge humidity they in 2013 were rusty. Probably very few funds are invested for anti-corrosion treatment. It makes no sense to keep these coffins on the budget of Sevastopol and the Crimea. Personally, I would not give money even for recycling. Easier to test the new rocket launchers, located near Sevastopol, and sink them somewhere in different parts of the Black sea, checking the accuracy level of the missiles. You can leave only “Olshansky”. It seems that he is still relevant to our time”

Indeed, “Konstantin Olshansky” was commissioned in 1985, the “luck” in 1993, “Ternopil” in 2006, “Dnieper” in 1984, “Khmelnitskiy” – in 1985, “Slavutich” in 1992, “Cherkassy” in 1977, “Chernihiv” in 1974 and “Kiev” – in 1970. In this age of 25 years is considered to be in the Navy limit for warships.

Especially revealing was the fate of the “Zaporozhye”. To the only Ukrainian submarine drowned Russian sailors had to weld it to the metal supports in the South Bay of Sevastopol. First, the submarine offered to send one of the local museums, but then changed his mind and is forbidden to approach closer than 100 metres.

“Luck”, “Ternopil” and “Inc” are laid near “Zaporozhye”. In 2014, they never went to sea, and quietly rusting under the supervision of Russian soldiers who, on assurance of local authorities, ensure that the contents of the vessel is not stolen by looters. In General, the South Bay gives the impression of a graveyard of ships.

In 2014, remaining in the Crimea Ukrainian ships seems to be going to transfer to Kiev, as the black sea fleet, they were absolutely not needed. Then began the war in the Donbas, and there were rumors that when the DNR will take Mariupol, the former Ukrainian ships flying the flag of the breakaway Republic. But now and about no one remembers.

The former Ukrainian heritage all interested persons can admire. It’s enough to buy a ticket to one of the pleasure boats in Sevastopol. The city is one of the main attractions for tourists.

Read the story “Dead and rotten”: the fate of the Ukrainian ships”


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