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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The assassination of Boris Nemtsov on the court “forgot” the Russian language

Ex-policeman Temirlan Eskerkhanov, convicted for complicity in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov on 14 years, is again in the dock. Basmanny court of Moscow on Friday began to consider his case about the insult of the investigator. Without the scandal, the process has not done. Retired MIA suddenly forgot Russian language, preferring to communicate with the court solely on the Chechen language. However, the trial was not affected.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to investigators, Eskerkhanov in April 2017 during the process in the Moscow district military court offensive was reflected in the attitude of one of the members of the investigation group of the RCDS — 27-year-old Alexander Kamyshev, who testified as a witness. “This bitch, this six threatened my family!” — yelled the accused. Then the presiding Gutnikov Yuri reprimanded him. But this incident had not been exhausted. It soon became known that against the defendant initiated a criminal case under part 1 of article 297 of the criminal code (“Disrespect to court”). Now, if the court finds eskerhanova guilty, he could face a fine in the amount up to 80 thousand rubles or wage convicted of a period of up to six months and compulsory work for a term of up to 480 hours or imprisonment for up to four months.

The first substantive hearing in the case eskerhanova was marked by a scandal. He did not want to communicate with the judge in the Russian language. Although other processes of the translator is not addressed. Defiantly brazen the defendant’s conduct can be explained only by protest against the justice system.

— Our star, Hello! — happily greeted the lawyer Anna Burciaga his client when he was brought under escort into the courtroom. Next up was the cynologist with a guard dog. He Eskerkhanov in a dark blue sweatshirt and jeans, short hair, with slight stubble on his face, a beaming smile in response. And the smile never left his lips. He tried to say something to his wife but harsh the guards thwarted the attempt.

When setting personal data the defendant stated that he was born in March 1980 in Chechnya. He graduated from high school and then went to work in the police. Retired in the rank of Lieutenant of the police (he was stripped of his rank the sentence of the Moscow district military court). Is the father of seven children. The last child was born in 2015. However, the exact date of the birth of the baby was a pause, but came to the aid of a spouse. She kept her lovers eyes with her husband. He did the same to her. It did not leave the attention of the bailiffs who tried his best to prevent the family idyll, alternately making his comments.

Answering the judge’s questions, Eskerkhanov said that he does not consider himself guilty of the murder of Nemtsov and were unjustly convicted. “I did not have such rights, they are constantly violated,” he said.

The case was the victim — investigator Alexander Kamyshev, he took a seat next to the Prosecutor. A slender young man of low growth in the black turtleneck sweater and blue pants was obviously nervous and was more like a student before exams.

The Prosecutor briefly read the plot of the indictment. Literally within one minute. “Eskerkhanov showed disrespect to the court by intentionally insulting the witness, to humiliate his honor and dignity,” — said the Prosecutor.

The servant of Themis asked eskerhanova, whether he admits guilt. But instead of answering, the defendant smiled and asked me to provide him an interpreter. “Like, do not speak Russian, I want to speak in their native language.” In this he was supported defender Burciaga. But the Prosecutor strongly objected.

— This petition has already been considered at the preliminary hearing, Eskerkhanov he served in the interior Ministry, the activity of which is carried out in Russian, — he said. Ultimately, the court agreed with him and dismissed the petition.

Then Eskerkhanov passed in the Chechen language.

— I the Chechen. I Nokhchi — these two words the man said in Russian.

— No response was made, the judge said. — I remind you that proceedings are conducted in Russian, — she was forced to repeat several times.

However Burciaga insisted: Eskerkhanov has the right to speak their language.

— You see what’s happening here — appealed to the public Eskerkhanov.

The judge gave the floor to the Prosecutor, who began to question the victim. He said that was part of the investigation group on the murder of Nemtsov. In 2015, met with the Eskerhanova they have good working relationships. Hostile relations were not.

— I worked at the Timiryazev investigative Department of SK and was seconded to the group for the investigation of the murder of Nemtsov. Was summoned to the court as a witness. The defendant insulted me, called a bitch and the bitch who threatened his family, said the investigator.

Reed said that the words eskerhanova considered a huge insult to themselves and received moral trauma.

— Cry decided, — said the defendant.

According to the victim, Eskerkhanov was worried for the family and therefore offended him.

Lawyer Bychawa asked, how did moral injury to Kamysheva.

— In what sense? Well, to eat and sleep I could, ‘ he replied. — I was not ready for such developments. Work honestly, with dignity, processed, doing for the country and for the country, and then the mud, complained the investigator.

— What positive did for eskerhanova? — attacked the defender.

— What can the investigator do to the accused? I gave him the date.

In conclusion of his speech, reed said that really do not hurt eskerhanova.

— I understand that. He was disabled and retired interior Ministry, he had seven children. Asked not to punish strictly, — said the victim. He also refused the claim to 100 thousand rubles.

He asked permission to go down to the service, but the judge wouldn’t let him. “You can be more questions,” said the presidency.

Then the Prosecutor began to investigate written materials of the case. According to him, since the beginning of the motion to dismiss was denied. The first linguistic examination found that there is no crime, and the investigation issued a decision of termination. However SK have the same legal action. However, Eskerkhanov chose to ignore the proceedings. He pulled the hood and decided to take a NAP, while the Prosecutor read the documents.

— Decent family man, is married since 2004. Is characterized by extremely positive. Service characteristics is also positive. Is a party to the fighting. A conscientious police officer and a well-performed standards. Complaints from citizens have been received, — was read the case file to the Prosecutor.

He noticed that Eskerkhanov write an explanation in his own handwriting in the Russian language, which said that cursed investigator, being in a depressed mental state.

— It should be noted that it is written without a single spelling error, — the Prosecutor noted.

It turned out that the witnesses for the prosecution did not come to the first meeting, so the judge postponed the process on January 15.

The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov. Chronicle of events

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