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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Scientists have created a spray for gambling

To test new nasal spray to combat gambling began, scientists of the National Institute for health and welfare Finland. In a clinical trial involved 30 people.

photo: pixabay.com

The method as quickly as possible to “repay” the pleasure hormone, and thus interrupt the painful craving for the game. If earlier for blocking this hormone used tablets containing naloxone, now researchers have decided to abandon them in favor of a spray, because it acts faster. Instead of half an hour he begins to act for several minutes. The drug naloxone is also used for the treatment of common drug, which, according to scientists, gambling addiction is similar. Now researchers recruited a second group of subjects for testing drugs.

Says the doctor-psychotherapist Alexey MAGALIF:

I don’t think the use of chemical drugs against gambling effective method. All these sprays and pills are primarily psychotherapeutic in nature, it is a placebo effect, suggestion. If we mean the dependence on gambling and betting — is primarily a system of false beliefs that gets people further confused. In order to get him away from the games, need the right government policy regulating gambling. As for the gaming addiction of all kinds of shooters, here only the spray is unlikely to help. A huge role for the younger generation is always education, broaden their horizons, help in switching to other processes.

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