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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Received the hat as a gift from my grandmother in America and be an agent”

The state Duma responded to the “anti-Russian Orgy” in the West, having supported the first reading of the bill, which allows authorities if you wish to organize a full scale “Orgy of anti-Western” in Russia. “The media — foreign agent” can theoretically be declared any blogger-the Russians who have received the translation from a relative from abroad.

photo: pixabay.com

At the end of last year came into force a law that gave the justice Department the right to recognize the “foreign media, performing functions of a foreign agent”, any foreign media or “foreign structure without forming a legal entity” if they are engaged in the dissemination of information. The only criterion is the receipt of funds and (or) property of any foreign sources and even from Russian companies associated with foreigners.

This is a “mirror” response to the recognition of a “foreign agent” in the U.S. state broadcaster Russia Today and “copy” the foreign agents law, which the ocean acts since 1938, said the Russian authorities. 5 Dec “foreign agents”, the justice Ministry announced two American media (“Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of America”) and 7 affiliates news resources.

Adopted on 12 January the state Duma in the first reading a bill according to one of the authors, Deputy speaker Peter Tolstoy (“ER”), “specifies and complements provisions” of last year’s law. More precisely, greatly expands its scope: now the Ministry of justice can if you want to call “foreign mass media acting as foreign agents” of any Russian who has ANY sources of income of foreign origin, whether it is money or property, and which distributes by ANY method ANY information “to any person”.

Included in this list a citizen as “real” media like the newspaper or TV channel would have to register Russian legal entity and marking everything he writes, in a special way, pointing to his “agent” entity. About the cats or he writes about recipes, whatever.

Other citizens or the media will need to specify when the census on the website, for example, that they spread information “inherent”. The penalty for violation of the requirements may be blocking access to the resource.

Conductors hostile influence may hide under the guise of an ordinary blogger, warned Mr. Tolstoy, but the owners of the media or Internet resources can be both legal and natural persons. “The law is a framework, it only provides the Executive branch the ability to recognize the media as foreign agents and to take in their relation to certain measures,” he said.

“In the last year we play with the West in a very interesting game called “symmetrical mirror response”. The move makes the West, the answer gives Russia, the next step is doing the West, the answer gives Russia. Your initiative offers to answer any the next unfriendly step in our direction, or the rules of the game are changing and now we do the first step and expect an answer?” asked the Vice-speaker Igor Lebedev (LDPR).

Mr. Tolstoy have acknowledged that Russia is “not taking the initiative and only responds to action against our media.”

In support of the bill spoke of “ER” and “CP”. At the same time Oleg Sheyin (“CP”) recalled that “only in Germany are a million of our compatriots who help their relatives in Russia, it is common bloggers in Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter”, and they hypothetically can now be registered as a foreign agent”.

The Communist party has shied away from statements of its position. But one of the Communists told “MK” that “faction of the initiative is not supported in the vote”.

LDPR also did not vote. But her representative Andrew Svintsov predicted “chaos and chaos”: the law “too framework”, “official office” will determine who is a foreign agent and who is not. “That has placed the student a picture of a frozen crocodile from CNN — he’s not an agent and its neighbor on the Desk says “I am for Navalny” and received a hat as a gift from my grandmother in America and be an agent?” — asked the Deputy.

The head of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin (“CP”), then noted that “the abuse can be in the implementation of any law”, and the task of the deputies — “to pay attention to them, to avoid the distortion”…

“Today, we hunt with a club on ants, but a club can’t get them”, has assessed the effectiveness of the proposed measures, Elena Drapeko (“SR”), which is actually “for”.

“We dust we sprinkle the ants and destroy them!” — said in response to Mr. Tolstoy.

“Sprinkle dust” they will be able soon: the bill can become law and enter into force before the end of January.

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