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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bulk made a Hara-Kiri, writing about the “loathsome flunky”

Political arrow fired by Putin in Bulk, missed its target. But Navalny picked up the arrow from the ground and stabbed her directly in the chest. So can briefly describe the content of a loud political scandal, which broke out on the eve of Day of Russian press. People who pretend to be democratic opposition to the current Russian government unexpectedly opened up and showed his true colors — his true relation to the principle of media freedom and the principle of freedom of speech. After January 12, 2018 is possible to speak with all responsibility: in the highly unlikely event of the arrival of Alexei Navalny to power in Russia, the system of our media will return to the model of the Brezhnev era — one leader, one truth, one opinion.

A frame from the video

And how casually it all began! On the eve of Day of the Russian press, Vladimir Putin arrived in the editorial office of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” at a meeting with chief editors of leading Russian print media. The first question the President asked the chief editor of the newspaper “Kommersant” Sergei Yakovlev: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, I would like to continue the topic of elections. Alexei Navalny was not admitted to participate in the elections. Immediately sounded and criticism from Washington and some European capitals. I would like to know what you think about this and what is your assessment of this situation.”

If this question was part of a premeditated secret plan of the Kremlin to discredit Navalny, from my point of view, this plan failed. The President’s answer, the meaning of which boiled down to saying: “Navalny is the man the us administration is trying to promote in the Russian leadership,” was, in my opinion, not just not too convincing. Paradoxically, Putin’s attack on Alexei Navalny objectively played to increase the political weight of the Bulk. As very correctly noted the political scientist Abbas Gallyamov: “In recent years, Navalny has dropped out of the agenda… Criticism of Putin, Navalny returns to the agenda, and therefore profitable Bulk”.

However, the “top Democrat of all Russia” Alexei Navalny did not understand that he was just handed a gift on a silver platter. I do not understand — and erupted in social networks an angry rebuke to the address of the offender: “Ugh, what a miserable jerk — chief editor of “Kommersant” with his question to Putin. Disgusting lackey. I know that many journalists of “Kommersant” are offended by me because I consider them corrupt and miserable. Well, like, they remember the great times and therefore consider themselves decent people. “Things just are”. Yes, not the circumstances of such. Just you actually work in a corrupt and squalid newspaper. She has many years of this. Servants Usmanov. Let’s face it and leave. You can earn a living without political prostitution”.

Of course, you, Alexey! And, you can’t ruin with his own hands his political career, as you, in my opinion, just successfully did. I’m not taking any position in conflict with the Bulk owner of the “Kommersant” Alisher Usmanov. But the Bulk of accusations against Sergei Yakovlev and his subordinates of course, I think it is absolutely untenable — untenable and at the same time very useful. Why untenable, I think, is clear. Sergey Yakovlev was just doing his job — asked Putin is quite correct, with full rights to life and stood neutrally question.

And now about the usefulness of Navalny. They are useful because Alexei Navalny is a very talented politician. The politician who can convince people and to bend them to his will. But at the same time Navalny as a public figure has a very serious flaw. The flaw, which was not, for example, Yeltsin. For all its other obvious shortcomings of Russia’s first President understood the importance of tolerant attitude to different public opinion and the spokesmen of that other public opinion — journalists. And here Alexey Anatolyevich — autocratic policies of the type that sees itself as a sort of prophet and, therefore, requires from the other the unquestioning obedience and adoration. If Navalny was a little bit smarter, he from time to time carefully concealed his autocratic tendencies. And it would allow him to be much more influential figure than he is.

But Alexei can’t do anything with my instincts. He could not hide his deep conviction: there are only two opinions — mine and wrong. He’s too impatient and therefore acts to his own detriment — to the detriment of themselves and others benefit. After all, forewarned is forearmed. After what happened, this potential support base for the Bulk, as employees of the capital (not just capital) and democratic media, can consider themselves warned. And for that, from my point of view, the Bulk should applaud. Thank you, Alexey, for science, for the wonderful “gift” to the Day of the press! Nothing more useful you to give us just couldn’t!

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