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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Belarus is the baby: as smooth out “Pro meadow”

For the second met him under arrest journalists, citizens of Belarus who were on trial for the publication in Russian media. The court held in Minsk right in these days, for “inciting national hatred, made by a group of persons” reporters threatens from five till twelve years of prison.

photo: Alex geldings

Between whom and whom ignited ethnic strife, publications in the Russian media? Yes, that’s between Russians and Belarusians. However, that is repeatedly confirmed in court, the offended feels only the Belarusian side presented a number of experts.

What offended the Belarusian experts? They insulted many. Use in the Russian media of the word “Belarus”. The fact that Euphrosyne of Polotsk named the Holy all-Russian and Belarusian culture as a whole specified all-Russian roots. And, of course, great indignation arose in the experts due to the fact that the publication seems to imply the superiority of Russian over Belarusian language. When in court the defense read a quote from Alexander Lukashenko, who directly said the same thing, is ignored.

It’s no secret, no mystery, detailed and daily lighting process can be found in the reports on the website “Eurasia daily” — one of those where articles were published, for which the judge publicists.

Yes, the process is not a mystery, but leaks like a phantasmagoria. The complete absence of “hatred” on the one hand, and emotional evaluation of historical material, data experts nonhistorians. But the norm is that the expert has no right to emotions. Not justifies its decision by intuition. I do not think about what “could happen”. And normally it is assumed that the vocational expert understand the material on which he must give an objective opinion.

But in the process of Belarusian experts believe “from the background of knowledge possessed by almost any man,” let candid speculation in the examination, and courtroom statements that perestroika began in the USSR in 1991. People with such background knowledge of the recent past allow themselves to judge about the history of the Byelorussian SSR and the all-Russian history without being historians. And all this results in a examination, which reads the Belarusian Prosecutor: “Art can develop mutual distrust between people of Russian and Belarusian nationality…”. Based on the reasoning of people for the second year kept behind the bars and can be jailed for up to twelve years.

I first wrote about this process and know what the most common objection put forward by the Russian readers. It is: citizens of Belarus, is on trial in Belarus according to the Belarusian laws, we do not need to intervene, we need to go about their business. Sometimes added to this is a lovely development: it is necessary to go about their business, to become strong, effective government. That’s when we become strong, effective government — then we will be reckoned with. And now don’t.

Well, with this point of view the solidarity of the Russian foreign Ministry, the statements of its official representatives in the spirit of “the case of Belarus”.

But, friends, do you really think that a state that withdraws from the self-assessment of its history (and the trial of journalists based around the interpretation of the facts of Russian history), is committed to become strong and it will be considered? And where a quarter of a century, that we not intervened, had already left Belarus, like our other “brothers”?

Less than a year ago, in March of 2017, in a bookstore in the centre of Grodno town, I bought a colorful published book “Heta Belarus, Dzietka!”. The second edition in two years, 4,000 copies, the book in Belarusian and English, and stated that it is a translation, but does not say from what language. The purpose of authoriz — young women living in the West, to glorify the Belarusian uniqueness. I’m not kidding, and I quote the subtitle. Further to this end, they talk about these specific Belarusian phenomena as cottage, bath, off hot water in summer and carefully emphasize that “the two countries may have shared some periods of history, Russian is the second official after the Belarusian and Belarus loves Russian gas at reduced prices, but these are two completely different people.”

Why this book is being re-released, defiantly, almost directly at the cash register, for sale, and nobody will come to judge authoriz for inciting national hatred and publicists, telling about the Russian history, the second year to keep behind bars, a judge can take a long time to land including that in the Russian media, they talked about the belorussizatsiya?..

Yes, I know the answer: “the case of Belarus”. But although the foreign Ministry has withdrawn from participation in the process, the court is even interested in cooperation of one of the accused (Yuri Pavlovets) from the site “Together with Russia” under the auspices of the Russian Embassy, and whether Pavlovets money for it… How would we show that in General does not intervene, — we after all all the same nobody will believe.

The rejection of interference is also a choice with consequences. Saying that the case of Belarus, we do understand, where is it going? We are aware of how evolution took place from the 1990s years, Alexander Lukashenko, and that even he is not eternal? But after he carefully stripped out to be Pro-Russian glade.

Last year I asked my friend in Belarus, is also trying to cooperate with Russia why arrested these journalists? He said: “They made it clear that Belarus is not so much an ally of Russia, as is commonly believed”.

“But isn’t that true?” — I asked. “It’s true, and this is more or less known. But it is impossible to speak directly. And the more unacceptable to sound on the Russian audience with the Belarusian side. When you write about Russian citizens, it is perceived not so painful”.

Well what can we say? Read a book about that “Belarus loves Russian gas at reduced prices, but these are two completely different people.” It is sold forbidding, but is not intended for the Russian audience.

Dear my Russian audience! I understand that you want to live in peace. I know you talked a little about Russian history, and you used to think that the Belarusians are a different nation, somehow, still an epidemic speaking in Russian. And when the Russian language disappears, for example, from the inscriptions on public transport, I know that you think it is “an internal affair of Belarus.” But about you, dear Russian audience, too, speak in Belarusian court. Belarusian gosexpert Alla Kirdun January 10, said that in the first place you’re not capable of critical thinking, do not possess the information and might be incitement to hatred.

Think, please, dear Russian audience.


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