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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Astrophysicists have found a new explanation for the “alien signals”

Mysterious fast radio bursts, which are sometimes called the “alien signals” can arise from magnetic fields of neutron stars or black holes and clusters of dense ionized gas in space. This assumption has put forward experts from the Canadian Institute for advanced research

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It is believed that the radio signals of this kind arise in the Universe quite often, however, yet to discover possible not so many of these impulses, and are almost always dealt with single cases. The only exception was the spring-known as FRB 121102, on the Ground there were several pulses. However, the intervals between them still proved to be quite unpredictable.

Fast radio bursts, sometimes called “alien” because the most exciting version of their origin implies that they are the product of activities of extraterrestrial civilizations, some scientists are even talking about such possibilities seriously. However, this assumption as one of the main is considered quite rare. Also less sound theory, according to which the source signal is within the milky way or even on the Ground. The most popular version, the source signals can serve various hypothetical objects located in far space — Magnetar, blitzuri, black holes and axion stars composed of dark matter. In recent studies, experts have put forward yet another suggestion of this kind.

Having studied the radio pulses coming from the FRB 121102, the researchers came to the conclusion that they could produce the nebula, under the influence of a magnetized stellar wind from the pulsar or the interaction of a black hole.

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