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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Monkeys prefer the “bad guys”

Usually people prefer the company and friendship of those who seek to help others, not hinder them without any need. However, in monkeys, the bonobos, one of the closest living “relatives” of people, things are the opposite way. To such conclusion the American experts from Duke University.

According to scientists, bonobos are sometimes referred to as “the hippie world of the apes” – these animals rarely fight among themselves and sometimes demonstrate methods of interaction, not observed, even among chimpanzees. Based on this, we can assume that the monkeys are going to appreciate relatives, always ready to help you, the more that human babies begin to demonstrate a preference with three months. However, conducted by experts showed that it is not.

Scientists allow monkey to watch a kind of puppet show – the animals could see, as two-dimensional silhouettes helped or, conversely, interfere with each other. Earlier, a similar experiment was conducted with children who successfully distinguished “assistants” from “pests”. The same skill, as it turned out, possessed monkey. However, when children were asked to choose one of the characters, reaching for him, those much more often chose the “helper”, while bonobos, on the contrary, the “pest”.

Experts tend to explain the result that the reluctance to help other monkeys see the manifestation of dominance, and as a consequence strength. Thus, even among the peace-loving bonobos desire to have a potentially more powerful allies, appears much brighter than the desire to have allies more altruistic.

Scientists have published the results of its work in the journal Current Biology.

Recalled a number of recent studies have shown that in some other respects, monkeys resemble – and in particular children under the age of six, and the chimps love to watch how bad, from their point of view, the person shall be punished, and some macaques-rhesus, like introverted people prefer communication with relatives to social exclusion.

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