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Friday, February 16, 2018

Holiday speaker and Coumarin in jail: “vacation” VIP inmates

“Snowflake break, a makeshift tree — break”. If ordinary prisoners were able to somehow beautify your camera and your table during the holidays, for the inmates, Lefortovo, the defendants in the most high-profile criminal cases, it has become an unaffordable luxury. A little more luck the other occupant of the jail, Alexei Ulyukayev. But every day he is getting sadder and sadder.

photo: Ignat Kalinin

New year and Christmas for the imprisoned ex-Ministers, governors and other high-ranking officials held in the “Lefortovo” in the “special” scenario. As a warning to others or because they generally have fallen out of favor, they are deprived of even those malesta that the prisoners accused of murder, looting and rape.

Observer “MK” as a Maiden, more precisely, human rights activist visited them in prison.

HELP MK: “Christmas and new year holidays behind bars met more than 600 thousand Russians. It is very much if compare with pre-revolutionary Russia, although many experts believe such a comparison is incorrect. Anyway, about a number of the prisoner population was in our country at the end of 1934, and then every year was to double, reaching its peak (over two million people) in 1939″.

– You have a beautiful paper tree and some postcards! – only had time to say we in the chamber of the former Governor of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer, I heard the menacing hail the warden (I want to call it the warden, not officer) “Lefortovo”:

– Clean it up! Banned!

A long altercation about which regulations prohibited paper crafts (at the time the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko did them in “sailor’s silence” in large numbers, and nobody came to give orders for their destruction) ruined the atmosphere. In addition, we were embarrassed in front of the Gaiser — kind of like a camera will lose even these primitive krashenyj. But the former head of the Komi Republic was not discouraged.

– You know what an optimist from a pessimist is the difference? He always thinks he could be worse. This is my third New year in jail. But after all, not the place paints the person, and the person a place, isn’t it? For a long time it humility. Life is adjusted. So my festive mood does not spoil.

We cellie got ready, did some spring cleaning, and prepared many holiday meals. Olivier, herring under a fur coat, rolls, pita… But they are certainly different from home, because not all the ingredients you can get. The potato soup we were caught… I want after the release of write a cookbook on how to diversify the diet in pre-trial detention centre. It would be more workshops conducted on this topic in the premises with decorations in the form of bars, iron beds, etc., the Entourage then makes 50% of success.

Interesting fact — in all a Moscow prison for prisoners was developed the holiday menu. The exception here was only “Lefortovo”, where in the ground and sit VIP prisoners. And only in “Lefortovo” it is impossible to order food via the Internet store, and a prison stall works once a month.

New year’s eve Gaiser, incidentally, celebrated his birthday in jail. Instead of gifts – cards, which turns out not to decorate the only small window. However, that is us. Gaiser after so many years in prison and finally received permission to visit with loved ones, it already did. So here is a Christmas gift from Santa Claus in the form of a judge.

– Congratulate all inhabitants of Komi from me with the holidays, asks in parting, Gaiser. – I was once one of the most successful governors.

In the cell the ex-Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia Oleg Korshunov tree fruit. He deftly made it with oranges and pears, connected by short thin threads.

Wow, how beautiful and original! That is to say, the innovation, the Christmas tree, happily we noticed and again were trapped.

– The tree fruit remove immediately! Banned! – boomed the voice of the Lefortovo supervisor.

And again there was a long debate about the fact that the design of the fruit can not bring harm and be a violation.

Is the rope, that is the forbidden subject, ‘ said the employee.

– This thread, and short, they are resolved, – we parried.

– Threads only for sewing! – don’t give up Colonel.

– Well, let me explain the misunderstanding, as I understand in this case the expert – trying to reconcile, he said Korshunov. – Rope is not allowed to the prisoner is not hanged. But on a string to hang it is impossible. Besides, there is other items that are more suitable for this – here, for example, the cord from the TV or the antenna.

But logic and common sense – not the main strong point of individual employees of the strictest prison in the country, so the tree is ordered to be destroyed. Alas.

I can sew the fruits to the same threads to the jacket itself to become a fruit tree, jokes kites. – It turns out they are. Absurd! After all the time has gone far ahead, and then remained at the same place. I’m not worried. Was unwell a little, learned how to cure common cold onion (rubbed with fresh and drip in a nose — better than any drugs!) Began to work on her handwriting is beautiful and legible writing to the censors and the investigator was easier to read (and that my letters to his family went to Moscow for 10 days). This New year, let it be exotic. Some of us are specifically looking for an exotic holiday, and she said to me she came. Instead of champagne — Apple juice. Beet salad with garlic, wafer cake. What else do you need?

– And I, except buckwheat and boiled eggs, nothing, ‘ said the prisoner in another cell, the former head of the Mari El Republic Leonid Markelov. – I oysters and other delicacies, and in the wild did not eat, so nothing spiteful critics were about the fact that, say, Markelov bring food from the restaurant.

In fact, the former head of the jail as it lamented that in “Lefortovo”, unlike other insulators, not accepting orders for ready meals (most of the jail now for the money you can order from the “prison of the restaurant” even Peking duck and barbecue). He recommended a diet of boiled vegetables, eggs, and eaten there.

A phrase from a famous poem “If the mood is not new, then certainly not with those celebrating” is the best suited to the situation with Markelov.

New year here is a nightmare. – exclaims Marcus. Last year I met his son, and now fellow inmate. Feel the difference, as they say. The petition of the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova that I was allowed to see her son, lain in the UK for three months. And what is the result? Son, the investigator made a witness in the case and thereby deprived of the right to date. Having said that, what will be the mood? But new year’s congratulation of the President on TV I looked.

The former head of the Mari El Republic in “Lefortovo” the hardest, including for his joint disease. Doctors advise him to move a lot, but how to do it in a tiny camera? Exploring the law rely concluded “at least one hour a day,” and that employees “Lefortovo” is interpreted as hours and not more.

All this torture and punishment, – said Markelov. And offer to take him to the prison of the temple-room at Christmas refuses: – Well, someone I’ll be there to confess? I’ll be there to partake? It will be a travesty.

However, the visit to the prison by a priest in the Nativity remained under the question. “Lefortovo” these inmates are not pampered.

– I would love to the priest, moreover, I the investigator was allowed weekly visits with the priest, says interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. – Only with him, and agreed. I will bring at Christmas? In General, for me an important holiday – the day of his daughter Ulyana, she is soon 10 years will come true. But the investigator has forbidden even a phone call. I could inform by phone to the child? Before her cell phone several times seized, something they were looking for.

In Zakharchenko’s second new year in “Lefortovo”.

– We say here instead of “how I met, so spend it where have met there and will hold.” I would like to have to interrupt this vicious circle, though, and hopes a little bit.

A walk in the “Lefortovo” is often the song that became a hit for the entire jail. There is a line: “Stop, Vito must go.” So new year’s eve the prisoners sang, instead of “Vite” sticking their names.

– I used the Christmas holidays spent skiing, sports – continues Zakharchenko. – In Courchevel, if you thought about him, never was. Usually went to the training camps in Kabardino-Balkaria. I’m not drinking at all, so I feast not interesting. I here counted that I’m on three million roubles of alcohol somewhere, drank some checks, I the investigator ask — how so? Joked about maybe it’s to go?

“Listened to the President’s speech and went to sleep” – basically what they say on all the cameras.

– Promised that the statement will be allowed to watch TV during the holidays until two in the morning, but yesterday came and demanded to shut down, says ex-Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh. – I’m in jail, too, for the second time the New year is welcomed. Nothing has changed. Festive Lunches and dinners don’t cook, it doesn’t match the setting. Make a wish under the chiming clock? What? Of equitable justice?

A reminder of the traditional ritual, when the desire to write on a piece of paper, then burned and the ashes drink along with champagne, Nikita Yuryevich caused an ironic smile. He even bottled water over New year’s eve, and from the tap to drink doctors do not recommend.

– Even with the conditions here, in principle, normal, – continues White. Except that there are additional options — all that has long been in jail other (services emails, the gym, the queue for lawyers, etc.). But most importantly, the atmosphere created by the staff. Three quarters of the staff perfectly normal, educated, polite, and you see what you personally they do not want to harm. But the one-quarter – rough and uncultured, treat you like garbage and try in every way to emphasize. They are everywhere, but in jail everything is sharper, more painful tolerated. The concept of honesty and kindness, alas, is not spelled out in the regulations for employees. There is one major, which leads to the wash, says: “Come in, please,” with “Light steam!”. It is clear that not oblige all supervisors to wish you “enjoy your bath” at least before the holidays, but to instill in them the basics of culture.

Ex-Deputy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev celebrated its first new year in SIZO No. 1, where conditions are better than in “Lefortovo”. But the main gift for the holiday it from the administration was not received. And he wanted only to remain in the chamber for solitary confinement. As soon as the quarantine was over, it was settled cellmate.

The speaker looks very sad, however, particularly smiling his recently no one ever saw. Wife gave him peredachku to the festive table, he got a postcard from my seven year old daughter (the girl on a date is not empty, and the eldest son of the speaker, according to friends, after my father’s arrest is a course of psychological therapy, because it is very fond of him).

The absolute record for celebrating the New year in jail — Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin, who is sitting in the cell next to Ulyukaev. New this year is the tenth.

Nonsense, because all after the verdict sent to the colony, and Coumarin and remains in jail from day to day, despite its numerous treatment. For him, the biggest festival of the New year and Christmas. In ten years all the inmates that have “passed through it”, and taught us how to pray properly. He baptized one hand (the second no, no and some internal organs). Listen to the greetings of the President could not – the TV in the camera without subtitles, and Coumarin in jail has lost the hearing.

Exchange Of Nadiya Savchenko. Chronicle of events

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