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Friday, April 20, 2018

In the presidential race burst forward Zhirinovsky and Sobchak

The ranks of presidential candidates are becoming less common. The Supreme court again refused to allow the Bulk in the appeal against the CEC decision on refusal in registration of group of voters: the Board of appeals of the armed forces of the old left the verdict unchanged. Today, “pre-filter” were 16 candidates for the highest office. The leader of the race Vladimir Zhirinovsky – the first and only “full-fledged” candidate for the presidency. But the election Fund faster just filled with Ksenia Sobchak.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Only at the start of the presidential race came out, in a rough bureaucratic language, 64 “the extension of the subject” – the messenger of the 21 political parties and 43 independent candidates. The number of the latter more will not increase: January 1 was the deadline for filing the notification on holding the meeting of the group of voters in support of a candidate, the documents for registration of the group must be filed no later than the 7th. Candidates from parties time, theoretically still remains: the deadline here is January 12. But number of “members” is unlikely to have significantly arrive. In any case, the “recruits” will not compensate the loss in the candidate’s army, growing with each new meeting of the CEC.

Today, as already mentioned, the registration procedure has only one candidate – Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The ease with which the leader of the liberal democratic party took the lead, due to the privileges available under the law on presidential elections the parliamentary parties: they are spared from having to collect signatures in support of nomination of the candidate. That’s the company Vladimir Zhirinovsky will be another participant, who plays for the parliamentary party: the candidate of the Communist party Pavel Grudinin.

In the distance are 12 candidates from non-parliamentary political organizations. Namely, the above-mentioned Ksenia Sobchak (the party “Civil initiative”), Grigory Yavlinsky (Yabloko), Boris Titov (“Party of Growth”), Maxim suraykin “the Communist party Communists of Russia”, Sergey Baburin (“Russian national Union”), Catherine Gordon (“the Party “Good deeds”), Natalia Lisitsyna (“Russian United Labour Front”), Roman Khudyakov (party “HONEST” Man. Justice. Responsibility/”, Stanislav Polishchuk (“Party of Social Reform – the income from natural resources to the People”), Elvira Agurbash (“green Alliance”), Bakov (the”Monarchist party”), Mikhail Kozlov “Party of social protection”.

To check them, however, is still very far away: candidates from non-parliamentary parties have to collect at least 100 thousand signatures, and one region may have no more than 2.5 thousands of autographs. But the first stage of the selection process they have successfully passed. CEC: a) registered the authorized representatives of the party which nominated the candidate; b) registered authorized representatives of candidates for financial matters; C) allowed to open a special account for formation of election Fund.

The range permitted to collect signatures of independent candidates – they have to submit to the CEC not less than 300 thousand autographs a lot already. Pre-selection – was the group of voters created for support of self-nomination of a candidate was authorised representatives of the given group and authorized representative of the candidate for financial matters, are allowed to open an account for formation of election Fund – passed is only the current head of state Vladimir Putin and the Deputy of Kostroma regional Duma Vladimir Mikhailov.

10 candidates for the presidency were removed from the race by decisions of the CEC: Alexei Navalny (candidate), Sergei Polonsky (the independent candidate), Oleg Lurie (the independent candidate), Lucky Lee (independent candidate), Aina Gamzatov (the self), Tatiana Volovik (self), Andrey Yatsun (independent candidate), Alexander Chukhlebov (independent candidate), Yuri Sidorov (“the Party of Small Business of Russia”), Elena Semerikova (party “Women’s dialogue”).

The most common reasons for refusal to register a group of voters or party Trustees “failure to comply with the requirements of the law and the lack of necessary documents”. In two cases – Alexei Navalny and Oleg Lurie – potential candidates were denied the right to continue the campaign because of their lack of passive right to vote: outstanding conviction.

But the history of failed independent candidate Alexander Chukhlebov (leader of the public movement “Revival”) and it is amazing. The CEC initially registered chukhlebova a group of voters, but then appealed to the Supreme Court with the claim about cancellation of its own orders – “in connection with the establishment of the fact of whether the applicant for the position of President of the Russian Federation Alexander Chukhlebov of a residence permit on the territory of a foreign state.” The Supreme court naturally upheld the claim.

Another more or less successfully passed the first elimination round the candidate – the candidate of the Social democratic party of Russia Sirazhdin Ramazanov himself out of the race. After registration of the authorized party Sirazhdin Ramazanov informed the CEC on refusal of participation in elections. Tsentrizbirkoma website reproduces textually the bitter words of candidate: “the Social-democratic party of Russia made a hard decision. We are not ready for such a serious election, and the Board of the party decided to withdraw from the election.”

Something like, for example, Boris Yakemenko, one of the ideologists of the youth movements “Nashi” and “Walking together”, declared the refusal to participate in the race, without waiting for bureaucratic procedures. Someone is in the process of “filtration”. The fate of about three dozen nominal participants in the race are not yet clear. These “missing” does not appear yet in any lists – neither the participants nor the “refuseniks”, or refused.

Well and remaining in the game (except, perhaps, Vladimir Putin, representing a clear exception to the rule) No. 1 goal at the moment is to fill the election Fund. From its solution depends on the collection of signatures, and the scope and quality of campaign. Yet, as regards the financial aspects of the presidential race, leading Ksenia Sobchak. According to the CEC, it collected 19 million 440 thousand rubles, of which spent 3 million 710 thousand, including 3 million 650 thousand under “financial support for the collection of signatures.” In second place – Boris Titov: collected 10 million 700 thousand rubles spent 1 million 994 thousand (1 million 845 thousand for the collection of signatures). Well, on account of the election of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is only 1 ruble 20 kopecks.

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