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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Expert: the Iran of the “nuclear deal” will lead to disaster

Soon Washington will be determined by the question of agreement on the nuclear program with Iran. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, noting that on the agenda there are two options – cancel or amend the bill. The final decision will be made approximately within a week.

photo: AP

Recall that the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) was signed in 2015. The document was signed by representatives of Russia, USA, Germany, France, Britain, China, and Iran itself. The plan calls for limiting nuclear programme (of producing weapons-grade plutonium and reduction in the amount of enriched uranium) of the Islamic Republic in exchange for the lifting of EU sanctions and the United Nations.

Rex Tillerson said that the US President Donald trump critical of regarding AGREEMENT. The White House believes that his predecessor made a big mistake by signing a contract as Iran “does not respect the United States” and is “a terrorist state number 1”. Trump promised that at least need to change some of the terms of the agreement, and as a maximum – to emerge from them. According to Tillerson, the discussion of the bill goes, with the participation of the White House, state Department and U.S. Congress.

Other parties to the agreements do not hide their negative attitude to intentions of Washington. The EU hopes that the USA will refuse to sabotage the agreement with Iran, and the Russian foreign Ministry in October 2017 ready to get off the American partners of the AGREEMENT. By the way, the IAEA inspectors confirmed that the Iranian side is in compliance with all its terms and conditions.

Coupled with the statement, Tillerson Washington on Friday convened an emergency session of the UN Security Council in connection with the recent civil protests in Iran. The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley issued a warning to Tehran, saying that the international community will observe the actions of the Iranian authorities. However, her Russian counterpart Vasily Nebesa believes that the convening of the security Council was more associated with the potential US withdrawal from the AGREEMENT, and not with protecting the interests of the people of Iran.

Senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies Vladimir SAZHIN believes that Washington in the person of administration of Donald trump put himself in an unenviable position, regardless of the final decision, and the SVPD risks to turn to the world with devastating consequences. “First, I think the US will remain in the framework of the contract AGREEMENT. You have to understand that the plan, signed in 2015, not a bilateral agreement between Washington and Iran. In fact, SVPD need to squeeze the Iranian nuclear program in the framework of the IAEA. Fought for it is not only the Obama administration but also the five permanent members of the UN security Council. The agreement was supported by the international community. Critically he was treated only for two fucking Israel and Saudi Arabia, and now the property of trump. I think that the United States insisted on more stringent requirements, Iran – almost complete elimination of the country’s nuclear program. However, Iran signed the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, is a member of the IAEA, therefore, has every right to develop a nuclear program, including uranium enrichment. To force Tehran to go on is impossible. Such attempts of the U.S. and the administration, trump will put yourself in an extremely awkward position. Thanks to the lifting of international sanctions, Iran has become attractive to business, and showed practice. Change bill by the United States will be accepted in bayonets of the world, including the business community. There is a second way that Washington could raise questions about the need to make the AGREEMENT permanent document. At the moment it is designed for 20 years. However, the leadership of Iran has said that if the country is ready to continue to follow the plan even after its expiration. One way or another, Washington will in any case find yourself in a difficult political situation if they take any serious action. If the U.S. withdraws from AGREEMENT, Iran could renege on agreements that will lead to extremely undesirable consequences for the world.”

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