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Monday, February 19, 2018

Arabian Ivan the terrible: the Expert explained the arrest of 11 Saudi princes

Something wrong in the sandy Kingdom on Saturday in Saudi Arabia was arrested 11 princes who protested against the measures of the authorities in relation to senior Saudi aristocracy. With the question of what it all meant, we turned to the President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovskiy.

photo: AP

Saudi Arabian king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud

According to the Agency Associated Press, referring in turn to the local media, the demonstration was arranged by representatives of the higher nobility in one of the Royal palaces. After the rebel princes, whose names were not disclosed, refused to leave, they were taken into custody by national guardsmen and taken to jail al-Khair intended for the detention of dangerous criminals, including – for the participants of terrorist groups. Among other things, according to reports, the protesters demanded from the authorities to resume payment of bills for water and electricity, as well as compensation for the death sentence imposed not so long ago one of the Saudis. Earlier, in November last year, the Kingdom was arrested 11 members of the ruling dynasty, and a number of senior officials. Arrested and charged with allegations of corruption and various financial frauds.

– Evgeny Yanovich, and so what happens in Saudi Arabia?

– Nothing special. Saudi Arabia – dictatorship of the future king, Mohammed bin Salman (Mohammed Ibn Salman al Saud of salmon, the son of king Salman and his third wife Fahdi bint Falah bin Sultan al Hitlan, June 21, 2017 – the crown Prince; Minister of defense of Saudi Arabia, head of the anti-corruption Committee. – “MK”). The current king is moribund and does everything possible to transfer power to his son. This, incidentally, will be the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia when the government will get none of the sons of the founder of the dynasty, and the representative of a generation of grandchildren. However, this man made such a mess that to survive it will be difficult. According to the Saudi traditions of the aristocracy for things that he had done, made actually to kill. The future king of the breaks on the knee all the customs and at the same time – the whole system of government. In our country too such was. And even more blood. When Ivan the terrible was eradicated family nests of the boyars, the blood flow was flowing. Let’s see how it will develop.

– What is your prediction? Who has more chances to win?

The only victory that I can predict, is the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election this year. As for the rest, to make predictions completely pointless. But, in my opinion, the future king may meet his death much faster than he would like. In Saudi Arabia sometimes kill kings. The more presumptuous heirs to the throne. Such precedents were. Or the Kingdom may not survive his reign.

– And in this case you will get the output? Some “people’s Jamahiriya”?

We get nothing in any case. Our task is to keep our own country from future changes. In the borders at least, in which it currently resides. And without any major problems. What we worry about Saudi Arabia, Iran and everyone else, for whom so much is going through domestic press?!

– Last question: this is a purely domestic matter, or you can see some interested parties outside the Kingdom?

No interested parties outside the country to anything anywhere, never lead. This is nonsense. No revolution, no uprising, no fall of the dynasty has no reasons, except for internal. External players can try something “tighten up”, but in fact their role is almost always close to zero.

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