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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The shelling of the air base Hamim: will the strengthened Russian military group

The defense Ministry will respond to a mortar attack on the air base Hamim the transfer to Syria of Russian “hunters saboteurs” and installation of systems of counter-battery fire, says military expert Ilya Kramnik. In addition, in his opinion, our military should attend to the construction of protective structures for aircraft.

photo: youtube.com

On the territory adjacent to the airfield Hamim, Syrian government forces have intensified security mode. Said this yesterday, the Ministry of defense of Russia. Earlier the defense Ministry announced that a mortar attack on the air base, which killed two Russian soldiers, staged a “mobile diversionary group of terrorists.”

As says military expert Ilya Kramnik, military also strengthen the security base, it does not need massively to increase there military grouping. “To respond to this sharp increase in Russian troops can hardly be justified, but certain measures related to the deployment of our experts in anti-subversive struggle must be taken”.

The expert does not exclude that in the Russian system of protection of the aerodrome will include the technical means of counter-battery fire, such as radar “Aistenok”, able to detect mine on the flight path. “This technique obviously should have been, but was not due to the fact that no one could have predicted the appearance of mortar in the vicinity of the airfield. Perhaps now it will appear there”.

At the same time, Kramnik admits that terrorists could use other means of attack. “It is not necessary to dwell on the mortars. While we adhere to this version, but it is possible that the militants used some drones primitive improvised explosive devices.”

Another problem of increasing the security of the Russian base in Syria, the expert said the change of scheme of arrangement of aircraft at the airport. “From what I saw when I was on Mamimi in 2016, the planes were very tight. Now the photos can be seen there that the planes are still around. This of course is convenient in terms of care and protection, but convenience is now not a top priority. Probably would have cost them to disperse”. According to Kramnik, at the airport needs to be built special defenses. “As soon as we came there for a long time, it is necessary to attend to the construction of concrete revetments for aircraft.”

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