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Monday, February 19, 2018

How can Russia fight corruption

The most popular and familiar, has become painfully familiar defect management, and not only the state, is corruption. It destroys our society and our lives. It raises prices, destroys jobs and robs us every day, even if we do not realize.

The beautiful state fights the corrupt officials (of which there are three waiting for the court of the Governor and the condemned on the eve of the start of the election campaign the speaker), almost without changing the generative rules of the game and therefore not touching the corruption as a phenomenon.

During the annual “big” press conference in 2017, President Putin has brilliantly illustrated the perversity of this approach: the punishment of criminals in one “law enforcement” agencies, without changes to the rules and norms of behavior have made their subcontractors the same criminals in just over six months.

And brutality by itself will not help: in medieval China executed corrupt officials were sometimes stuffed and put in the office of the successor as a warning, and Western travelers described the officials to extort bribes in the company of such effigies. Because in certain game rules, officials have no choice, and without changing these rules, even the most decisive action impressed the vulgar redistribution of corruption flows of the struggle of one group of corrupt officials with others.

Meanwhile, the trick – not a necessary evil and not a folk dance, more than 100 years ago wrote Averchenko. Self-cleaning mechanism of the most vile, the most corrupt government is well known – we just have to run it. The proverbial “political will”, the lack of which so love to lament over the past 30 years of national betrayal, it is necessary to run this mechanism and maintain its work – no more.

The thief should sit in jail, not in power (although hysterical liberals on the conviction of the speaker indicates the unacceptability of this approach for a significant part of the ruling party), and the loot should be returned to the people. For the liberation of the Russian state from the bondage of corruption and suspicion it is necessary to make only two fundamental steps.

First: you need to install (for example Italy) that the briber in cooperation with investigation is relieved from responsibility are guaranteed, fully and automatically (and not as we do – partly at the request of the judge and the investigator, if they match, causing often the applicant are punished more harshly than the briber). This places the responsibility on the organizer of corruption – official, breaking the mutual responsibility that unites him with his victims and deprives them of incentives to protect it. For many unpleasant side effect may be a temporary loss of the notorious “stability”: for example, in Italy during the first five years of the application of this principle has been six governments.

The second step is the introduction (for example USA) even the complete confiscation of honestly acquired assets (in addition to that required for a modest life) of families of members of organized crime (including corruption: the corruption of power is always associated with the mafia), not cooperating with the investigation. Since the “common Fund” is not enough at all (but it is not for this purpose created), a significant number involved in the crimes of people will be faced with a choice: risk death or to doom a family to poverty. A critically important part prefers family – and it knocks out the economic ground from under the feet of the mafia clans.

These measures are in principle sufficient. In Italy, they took the mafia political power in the centre and North of the country, greatly weakening it in the South, in the United States led to the loss of the mafia political power at the national level. In the mode of self-purification they came to the most degraded and depraved political mechanisms (like, for example, new York city).

The rest, infinitely the proposals are complementary, although many of them are certainly useful.

One of the most important – the creation of a full-fledged “e-government”. Because the transfer in the online interaction of citizens with government, to whom we are justly proud, – only the least significant element. The translation online the Holy of holies: the whole decision-making procedure.

Replacing the paper e-document must be complete and address all aspects of decision making and discussions should be conducted in management chats.

This will save not only paper and the postal service, including expensive feldsvyazi (the US in the early 90s saved this then 2 billion dollars a year)), but also time. Decisions will be taken instantly, and with the eternal storage of related information.

Any managerial dispute which is not settled, for example, during the day, will automatically go for review by the parent Manager, and in difficult situations to the Commission for administrative disputes, working with the same electronic speed. This will allow disagreements to be resolved faster than today executed instructions, and build corruption schemes just won’t stay in time.

The Commission on administrative disputes needs to determine the approximate “cost problem”: the loss from delay, wrong decisions or inaction. It recognised guilty the Manager will receive the appropriate “penalty points”; if you exceed the annual limit for his position, he needs to drop or resign.

It is important that supervisors will have free and invisible to check access to all of their activities. Now the first thing that sometimes happens in the case of checking, is the fire in the archive. And in terms of electronic decision-making will not check and be aware of the investigation until it is complete.

Acceleration and simplification of document circulation will allow to significantly reduce management costs while unimaginable today, improving the quality of governance.

The same transparency of decisions, compliance with rigid procedures and regulations, the large number of feedback loops, including sensitive, institutionally, and technologically, will limit corruption.

The transition to the electronic system of decision-making as a profound technological revolution that will radically change the entire character of Russian control, will make it one of the most advanced in the world. And the efficiency of management and enhance the global competitiveness of our country and, consequently, our revenues.

Decisions necessary for this purpose, not just there – they already many years are used in the most effective commercial structures, including in our country.

In addition, to curb corruption need (at the example of Singapore) the presumption of guilt at the discrepancy between the official income and expenditures in the families of officials.

It is time to leave the liberal of the middle ages, denying officials the opportunity to pay off for crimes of corruption (“paying for open bribes from undisclosed”). This opportunity was presented to them by Medvedev under the guise of “liberalization of the Criminal code”. Because corruption in government is not a property crime and a crime against the state, that is a crime of the same category as treason. It seems reasonable expulsion of all “thieves in law” – following the example of all such different countries as Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. It is important for life to deprive convicted persons for corruption crime the right not only to hold public positions, but also to conduct any legal activities, to teach social studies and run for office at all levels.

These measures will dramatically reduce the level of corruption and deprive it of a systemic nature, it is impossible to make strategic decisions from corrupt motivations.

Reducing the level of corruption will ensure that Russia is, in fact, a second budget.

Nothing complicated about it: it would wish. It is not a question of Economics and not of law, is wholly a matter of politics, and forces people to convince political leadership of the country to take at least these reasons, the minimum required measures.


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