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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Publishing a damning book about trump fraught with new attack on Russia

In the network appeared the quotes from the long anticipated book by Michael wolf the “Fire and rage”, dedicated to the previously unknown facts about the US President Donald trump. However he himself says that most of the text is a figment of the imagination of his detractors. The President indignantly and has filed a lawsuit against his former Advisor, which is a good “put” him in an interview with the author. But not the fact that trump limited to: image, tarnished by the book will have to restore the new strong-willed steps and possibly another anti-Russian sanctions.

photo: Michael True

The book, which will appear on store shelves on 9 January, based on interviews with two hundred people, including Stephen Bannon, who previously served as chief strategist of the White house. While trump has said that’bannon after the dismissal “has lost not only work, but also his mind.”

So, Bannon says that trump wanted to be President and was not expected to win. This is confirmed by other sources Woolf. The book claims that trump was very surprised by the success of his presidential campaign and once mentioned that electoral defeat would be for him a “major victory”. And the future first lady Melania trump so scared of her coming status that she did not part with the handkerchief and literally wept from grief. The tramp, in order to calm his wife down, told her that the President he won’t.

Bannon also said that Ivanka trump and her husband, Advisor to Donald trump, Jared Kushner, has agreed to be part of the trump property, suggesting that it once helps Ivanka take the presidency.

“Between them the couple have agreed that if in the future there will be the opportunity, she will stand in presidents”, – he said.

In addition, the book says that trump covers her hair bald after failed hair transplant the crown and is painted with cheap funds – hence the yellow hue of his hair.

Much attention is paid to the relations with Russia, in particular, have once again exaggerated the meeting trump Jr.’s lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, during which she allegedly said about the dirt on Hillary Clinton. The interlocutors Wolfe called the trump contact with Russian “betrayal.”

Expert of Center for strategic research Pavel Demidov believes that the book of Woolf, and in particular the statements of the Bannon – this is a powerful bomb planted under trump.

“Bannon has always loved to break the system more than to build new. A year ago he tried to break the administrative state, being one of the most influential in the country of the bureaucrats, fought with the party establishment, – said the expert. Now he declared “trompowsky revolution” finished and, apparently, found it possible to continue to bear the system through the destruction of the main RAM of the system”

According to Demidova evidence’bannon will be enthusiastically adopted by Democrats, but heard not only by them.

Calculation’bannon, apparently, that it could undermine indestructible, as it seemed, the credibility of the President with his base constituency,” he said. Thus, according to the expert, to impeach Trump’s nevertheless still very far away.

However, this does not mean that the history book on the trump will not be reflected. And he somehow have to take steps to correct spoiled wolf image. By the way, according to some experts, will fall and new anti-Russian sanctions, which are already being prepared and will be both personal and global. Thus Woolf story provokes trump to toughen anti-Russian course, which he stuck to. The more accusations, the more he denies them actions – is a well-known model of the behavior of trump at the post of the President of the United States. In this vein, an interesting opinion was expressed by Director of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov. According to him, preparations for the Declaration by the Americans of a new sanctions package, which can be activated on the background of publication of the book will be beaten by the Russian authorities in their favor.

“People may not like their government, but even more they don’t like those who want to strengthen this aversion to their advantage, – said Chesnakov. – With proper pumping of the authorities Patriotic enthusiasm.”

According to Chesnakov external enemies will be easy to bring and internal. For example, an accomplice of the Americans in the eyes of Putin’s electorate will be Bulk.

He, we recall, recently announced a boycott of the presidential election, but in this story there is a downside: the anti-Navalny, aggravated by the sanctions, maybe the turnout just to promote, if potential voters will carry the idea that not voting, they support “the protege of the state Department”.

Meanwhile, trump’s lawyers have already prepared the materials for the lawsuit to address’bannon for libel, and disclosure of official information. From the author of the book the President is not going to sue and on the merits of her comments.

By the way, representatives of America’s first lady quoting her statement that the work of Woolf will be sold “in the bargain bin of fiction”. That’s just considering the amount of pre-orders for the book, the forecast is unlikely to come true.

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