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Friday, February 16, 2018

The sad reality poslenovogodny Russia: the carriage turns into a pumpkin

New year’s eve has passed, salads eaten, from the mandarins left alone peel. My head is heavy, and it come the same heavy thoughts.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Especially annoying now, ironically, television, which is the main time filler in new year days. Actually, it’s an amazing thing for the Russian people: nowhere else except in our country so vehemently declare that “not watching” him… and also fiercely discussing the details of the news and fresh talk show. Meanwhile, replays of the new year our attempts of nedzved and the next batch of reports has become about the Ukraine – that’s the whole set of content of the blue screen.

From this poslenovogodny a mix of people already nauseated. The last of the money people have spent on the Christmas table, gifts for family and friends, and now everyone who from the TV screen talking to us about geopolitics and macroeconomics, I want to answer – “Where money, Zin?”

According to official data, on Olivier in this New year, we spent only 10 rubles more than last year. But that is about as true as the growth of the economy and industry. In reality, ask anyone on the streets of Voronezh, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Perm – whether it became richer and more fun to live over the past year, and hear exactly the opposite compared to what we broadcast. Wages are falling, businesses are reducing staff, business pressure checks and taxes, for a regular pension, you can only live from hand to mouth. But officials continue to find new mechanisms such calculation results in the economy, to have something happy to report on TV. In reality, before the ordinary citizen with only one choice: either to turn off the TV, stop to watch it and look for a second, a third, a tenth of the work that the family did not starve, or smash the TV, and then take a club and go to the street to demand justice.

How many disputes have been about what cultural figures detained, arrested or how many of them who allocated funds (and then days of arrest) from the state budget. What a vivid discussion was carried out in the public sphere – are in Russia, the rights of man and how we have an open society. But no one who was an initiator and participant in these discussions, I never thought – I wonder if this is a common Russian citizen? No doubt, these intellectual allusions are extremely important for a small group of intellectuals, but the ordinary Russian is more important that he was not arrested tomorrow for not paying taxes if unemployed business or for the stolen “three spikelets”. In our country, if you steal billions and palling around with the “right” people, you most likely will get away with it, but if you just want to earn for the family – that always go under the sword of Damocles telephone justice.

We cheerfully warn that the country built a new hospital and growing of the salary of physicians. But at the same time telling me the real story about doctors in the Voronezh region who get 4-7 thousand rubles and ride bicycles for their patients, sometimes for your money when buying medications the elderly and the poor.

We live with people from TV in different worlds, different realities. In their crystal and glossy world country gets richer, no one gets sick or dies from the lack of a normal treatment, do not shoot yourself in the head, unable to cope with the unbearable pain and lack of normal medication for cancer, satellites, which spent billions of budget funds, do not fall without explanation.

I often wonder about how these two such different worlds coexist within one country. Maybe it’s this duality of the essence of our people, which always remains a mystery to me. Unless you can logically explain, for example, that 43% of Russians are ready to justify Stalin’s repressions, 38% consider Stalin the most outstanding person of all times and peoples, but at the same time more than 60% would require the construction of new churches.

And examples of such sets. We condemn Western sanctions, but at the same time genuinely upset when Russia suspended the issuance of U.S. visas, even called it “genocide.” The required import substitution and the transition to domestic production, but at the same time fill the Christmas table with imported food and drinks. In the words of fighting corruption, but everyone considers it his duty to put an envelope on the table, doctors and teachers.

It’s not even the diversity of our nation, bordered by split consciousness, which we need to think seriously. Because until you restore order in his own mind, little chance of restoring order in our common home – Russia.

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